MP dying real fast

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Idk how i feel about voice chat its just wasted time and effort. In League it hardly gets used and we saw how holdfast ended.

Some elo system would be quite nice, for the normal queue aswell. A hotfix one would be great aswell.


There were more players on Warband na siege those last days before it died than on Bannerlord na siege now.

It is the crashes, the gameplay I have my opinions, but not even being able to play - well it's a done deal.


I think captain mode is brilliant and I'm really enjoying playing it and will continue to enjoy playing it. Bravo Taleworlds.


I'm currently mostly playing TDM, Siege crashes 3/2 of the times and skirmish mode is frustrating, with awkward balance situations or tedious swing spam against heavy armoured packs.
Besides the most wanted features for MP, I would like a TDM server with Friendly Fire. Teamies either absorb arrows, block swings and don't push for a more tactical approach, and a 1 v 6 is just a spamfest.


MP dead, 20 minutes to find a siege

You mean Siege is dead, which seems to be due to server stability and constant crashing leading to less than 60-120 players required for a quickplay queue.

I haven't waited longer than 20 seconds for a Captain, Skirmish or Deathmatch game in weeks. MP very much alive.
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I have some fun in it the last few days, but im already get tired.
The lack of customization was a disappointment right in the beginning.
So I hope they have plans to make the MP good and interesting, or I have to wait for modders to do the work in the future.


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It's sad how fast the multiplayer declined, couldn't even get a full 6v6 match in EU skirmish today early morning.
MP dead, 20 minutes to find a siege
Siege mode requires 60 players to start the warm-up game, which is a bad design because you can't wait for 60 players before everyone gives up and leaves. So the siege mode game always fails to start. If the siege mode is changed to require only 10 players to start the warm-up game, then the player will not give up the game, more and more players into the server, the game quickly started.


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It's really telling when there are 3x more Steam friends playing Warband instead of Bannerlord.


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TaleWorlds need to block out k/d on the score board to the public and only you yourself can see it on a separate tab ... and then noob will comeback... bring siege mode into custom server list and people like myself will sit in warm up and seed the server till playable ... people will join if they can see people in there , “if you build it they will come”


I think captain mode is brilliant and I'm really enjoying playing it and will continue to enjoy playing it.
captain ain't mp, Any bots is not really mp. It's not Multi bot, It's multi player. Just sayin' cus 6 people playing captain aint nothin to the Real Mp that needs 60-120 players.


Clearly TW agrees though as captain gives you Kills for BOTS, but TDM nothing .... What in the heck?
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