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I dont think it would be that easy and swift, judging by the other features implemented, the main problem is current matchmaking is just totally barebones and often non existent. A system like described is of course a hundred times better then to what we have now, but i think just implementing ranked would solve a lot of problems.

Also maybe introducing another queue is a solution, i doubt TW will opt for the WBMM option of maximum duos. Maybe for ranked solo(&duos?) and 6 man, for casual solo and any stacksize. That would fracture the playerbase immensly, and demands that skirmish playerbase keeps and grows, even though its competing with other game modes and mods in the future.
Everybody should understand that TW is hesitant to put new gamemodes or queues besides the planned ranked.


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we've been teased with ranked, battle and duel modes for months, none are in the game yet. if you think they can just magically whip up a new gamemode I'm sorry but you're nothing short of delusional.

the idea itself is alright and would work out if it was only competitive players, I have my doubts on it working well with randoms though.


It is not gonna be easy because multiplayer still haven't enough player for it. However, If it would be like warband matchmaking system all good players want to play this matchmaking system therefore despite this lack of player problem we can able to find players. Random skirmish just a torture, also this game always lose a players because of this torture. Either they face with clan stack or good players. They don't want to play like this. It is a good idea DragonKing I agree with you.


no, we don't need this kind of matchmaking in skirmish with randoms cuz it won't work out with em, why you need to make things more complicated than they are, just start playin DP again ****in hell



Every day I'm offended by young Turkish gentelmen who don't understand that it's not a my fault that I am playing against them. I don't have a fun playing against new players.


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Anything to prevent mismatches like this will make solo skirmish fun again.


1. Splitting mp community to rmm players and casuals will lead to insufficiency of players in rmm queues, that's why in my opinion ranked should be the only skirmish mm mode, at least for now when bl has no thousands of players searching simultaneously.
2. Splitting ranked playerbase into solo players and players searching in teams will cause the same. I'd personally prefer solo search only, but someone already said parties will be counted as separate players with higher mmr they actually have so they will get worse teammates and better enemies.
3. MM should be based around average mmr. 100mmr player should not play in a game with 1000mmr average. If the playerbase won't be splitted there would be enough players for several ranked games running simultaneously. Thus if you have low mmr, you will find lower avg game and vise versa.
4. Trolls and casuals will get low mmr and will only play with another newbies\trolls. They won't worsen playing experience for the players addicted to win and improve.

I think with mm implementation game needs some kind of advertisement. Remember how gaben instantly made dota one of the most popular games all over the internet having held one single tournament with good dollar prizes....


This would be a significant improvement over the current system, where it's often just one team stomping the other, which isn't a great experience. Skirmish just isn't very fun to play relative to DM pickups or BEAST tournaments, as a result of the teams being far more balanced in those matchmaking systems. Skirmish isn't a great first impression for new players either.

Whether they want to use this approach or some ranked system of their own making, it's quite important for the ecosystem of multiplayer that skirmish is improved, as the experience could deter players from sticking with the game.

Edit: I agree with Forsee that whatever matchmaking system they decide to go with for skirmish should be the only matchmaking system, in order to not split up the small multiplayer playerbase even further, which would make matchmaking even more difficult.


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Pickups are extremely popular across all competitive games, but dev-implemented pickups are not. This is a terrible idea that would prevent Bannerlord competitive from growing.

From an optimistic standpoint, if the game continues to improve to a point where it is considered "good" and bring players back as well as add new players, locking competitive behind an extremely uncommon system will prevent the game from growing, even if it has the potential to. A pickup system relies in almost all players already knowing each other and relative skill. That's impossible as the game grows and utterly unappealing to new players looking to improve.

There's a zero percent chance I would play a game if it stuck me in lobbies of challenger/GM players while being bad and wanting to improve at the official competitive mode. I want to grind my way up in the appropriate mode and face them when I've earned my spot at their rank.

Also, an official pickup mode would only be slightly faster than just organizing it over discord.

((As a note: Balanced matchmaking was introduced in a light form in Bannerlord some patches ago. However, it would just balance the first 12 people to enter matchmaking provided a gap smaller than 500elo. But unfortunately, based on my current games, I'm not sure if it's still implemented. Group queue ruins this as well, because a medium-bad group of players could farm high MMR by grouping up. (This may not be the case on EU Skirmish if there are enough competent solo-queuers.) Additionally, groups of good players can farm infinite MMR, which ruins the system.))

The official modes that TaleWorlds should host seems clear to me:

--Team Deathmatch

If people want casual Skirmish or casual Captain, I'm sure there will be servers hosting those modes (just as there was in Warband, NW, and wFaS). Custom servers will be more fun as well. More players than 8v8 was a staple of Battle, and I'm sure most Captain players would rather have much larger troop sizes even if it was unbalanced.

The custom servers can handle the unique fun stuff and variety, while TW hosts the official ranked modes that are balanced but "dry and boring" for the average 4fun player. In theory, these officially hosted modes are adaptive to what the community finds the best through experimentation on customs.


Good evening to all,

I had several interesting discussions about the game and how to make it more interesting and attractive and often I heard about the balance. But not only the balance of the game as such, but also the balance between the players. So I will not talk here about technical problems or balancing perks and classes but about a tool that would make it possible to detect them without giving players an unpleasant gaming experience

In fact, as the title says, it's about a matchmaking system. right now the skirmish mode is a real wheel of fortune in which one can face very weak teams on the one hand and very strong teams on the other hand but rarely teams of the same level. this gives statistics to the developers which are very often wrong and very far from what the players of the BEAST tournament feel. So there are several facts that I'm going to quote about the public skirmish:

-The balance between teams isn't being made well and can be improve. I often see players playing against each other with a very large skill gap between them. the result is then written in advance and It's no fun for the team that wins and even less fun for the team that loses.

-There is a very unfortunate side to it: mixing new and old players. Then there are people who are new to the game and people who already have a very high level. This results in a very bad balance, since players belonging to clans do not hesitate to form groups and therefore play against players who are not in clans or groups.

my suggestion on how to remedy this problem quickly and effectively?

What made some european players want to play, and me first, were the pick ups that were set up by DM. It was a unique experience where you could build and see teams with more or less equivalent levels playing against each other. To progress and test the game, it was the optimal way to play. The problem is that from now on the players don't regularly do "pick ups" like before and I think that's a pity.

That's why I would like to see this system of pick ups implemented directly in the game. I don't ask of course to remove the public skirmish but simply to implement a new game mod in the game. In that game mod players can join a queue that has a maximum of 12 places. When everyone is ready, two captains are designated (of equivalent level according to their rank, I will come to that later). They take turns picking players to reach two teams of 6 players and then the two teams compete against each other. At the end of the match points are distributed and a rank is make.

As some people have noticed, this is the Warband matchmaking system. It would be, in my opinion, very interesting for players who want to train in competition without the need to form a group of 4/5/6 people.

Finally, I am not a developer. I don't know if it's complicated to implement now or if TW needs more manpower. But it would give a little taste to the game, which is destined to become a competitive game. it would be interesting to ask the opinion of people like Lapache who made it possible to implement this system on Warband. Anyway, I guess it's possible to implement and if it is then it would be really good and I guess a lot of players would find it good. Of course, this game is in Early Access, I'm aware of that. But isn't it time to test the game mode with ranks to see if it can work? Wouldn't it be interesting to have competitive game statistics and compare this information in order to improve the balance of the game? In any case, I know that this system would be greatly appreciated by many players and me first :smile:

I know that this is planned by the developers, but I would like to stress the importance of this. We want to have fun and by having fun developers will be able to gather information.
sounds interesting however I don't need TW focusing on anything other than Battle mode, Private Servers and mod tools


You know what is matchmaking? It is a system which actually should pick up for you two fair teams. What the point to force two players to do it instead of system? So weird.
It's almost impossible to do a fair pick ups system directly in Bannerlord imo.

Best system imo would be a new competitive game mode in 6v6, with monthly vote on class limits and a MMR system (ranks basically) based on average score / round.

I agree with most of you, playing public skirmish when you want to tryhard and practice your skills is just boring whenever you have to face a full stack when your team is full of new players or non comp players, or when you face those 6 cavs, 3 cavs / 3 archers teams..
Well i agree. I'm barely even playing skirmish outside of organized stuff because it's either a stomp or impossible.
And tbh stomping new players is worse than getting stomped. In latter you at least get a challenge.
This idea sounds nice to me even though we know so little about specifics that are comming in future updates.

Sure, we've heard about ranked system getting implemented. But what does it mean, how will it work?
There might be a thread that explains these things, and if so please send it to me.

Imo. the most important thing about ranked gamemode would be that it would have forced soloqueue. Or it's going to hell quick .. imo. ofc.


What about a pre-designed skill cap with clear and accessible learning curve?

What about getting an elaborate high-level feinting mechanics (chambers?) instead of this un-intuitive turncap abuse?

There is no way out.

You can not create a wholesome small-team balance between 3000 hours players and 300 hours players with Bannerlord current combat system.

There is no way a self-defence club attendant will enjoy fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Bannerlord MP bleeds players and rightfully so.


What about a pre-designed skill cap with clear and accessible learning curve?

What about getting an elaborate high-level feinting mechanics (chambers?) instead of this un-intuitive turncap abuse?

There is no way out.

You can not create a wholesome small-team balance between 3000 hours players and 300 hours players with Bannerlord current combat system.

There is no way a self-defence club attendant will enjoy fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Bannerlord MP bleeds players and rightfully so.
If mm would work properly there won't be 300hrs players in a game with 3000h. Maybe on mornings when there's not enough players to run several skill divided games it would be the case, but at least teams would be balanced and there wouldn't be such games.
It's a big difference between 6 S+players are fighting 6 Z------ and both teams have 3 good and 3 meh guys
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