move the movement speed perk into the same perk selection spot as improved armor

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I would not mind the movement speed perk concept if it was implemented logically.

Having the selection of improved armor or more movement speed would be a good selection option(instead of being able to select both improved armor and additional movement speed) because players can quickly see so who selected the quicker movement speed because of the lack of the additional shoulder/cape armor piece and it is logical that if you have less armor on you would run faster.

So the perk selection could be:
improved armor or improved movement speed or something else(this is tricky because what else would you put here instead of a armor/movement speed perk? perhaps a middle-ground between the two? a little more armor and a little more movement speed? This still would not be perfect because then you could not differentiate between the perk selected. Maybe you could have a even quicker movement speed option available but also removed an additional armor piece so that the 3 are distinguishable(like the helmet); or maybe something like a javelin perk would be appropriate because having to lose either more armor or movement speed is really disadvantageous and would not be picked as much. This lack of a viable option pick would encourage more melee based gameplay but still available.)

The other perk can be an option between:
axe, mace(or bastard axe for varyag keeping with the no mace lore for sturgia) or spear (with sword being default if you selected the spear perk, spears should not be as rare as they are in the battlefield, whenever I see a cavalryman die in battle there is a horde of people trying to loot his spear. This is given the current balance of weapons with the intention of making the default sword less efficient then the mace/axe justifying the spear additive to the sword perk; if given the complete equality in melee efficiency between the axe/mace/sword then there should not be a reason to withhold a spear from the axe, mace or sword. War armament was distinguished by either having a spear or a bow because you could not store a spear floating behind you(as you can in bannerlord); so you either had the role of being a spearman or an archer(or using a large 2 handed weapon), not both unless you would drop the spear entirely to use the bow which does not correspond to the 4 slot system of bannerlord given having a shield, sword, quiver and bow equipped).
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