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Hello all,

I've a problem with 'mouse click' in the game. First of all, I'm using Mac OS Catalina.

I've installed Mount & Blade: Warband from Steam and launched it. When it opened, my mouse could move around but when I clicked anything, it didn't response. So, I couldn't start the game, I couldn't quit the game, I couldn't do anything. With shift+tab, I quit from the game by Steam and when I came back to desktop, my macbook gave me a notification about privacy settings. So I opened the window and saw 'keyboard mirroring' or something. It wanted to me confirm, so I confirmed and re-opened the game but I couldn't click anything still. I came back to the same settings and removed the check this time and tried again. Still same. Mouse is moving but the UI does not response when I clicked.

What is the problem for you?
Thank you already. :smile: