SP Native Mounted Slash Camera +Couch Assist Camera Update

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While swinging Left or Right on Horseback changes the camera to be "in the strike zone", and turns on free cam to make using short one handed weapons on horseback a lot easier.

- Requires Bannerlib
- Toggled ON / OFF with a hotkey bindable in Config.cfg file
- Can only be toggled ON / OFF while on horseback
- Offsets camera based on the "Readied" swing direction
- Turns on free-look once the weapon is "Readied" for easier aiming
- Makes it a lot easier and more reallistic to hit things from horseback
- Makes short one handed weapons more viable from horseback
- Camera OFFSET Values fully configurable in the xml file "mounted_slash_camera.xml"

- Added couch assit camera

Requires a bit to get used to, but very effective once mastered

Download Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/1229





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Now With Couch Lance Assist (Cant see the tip of the lance over the charactes shoulder if the lance is too short)


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Tried the mod and, sadly, had to uninstall it atm. Maybe I've done smth wrong, but for me, when I turn the camera on, the mod locks the camera, so I can't control a hit direction and even to look around a bit. If that's me who did something wrong, please tell me how to fix the problem, cause I really like the idea.
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