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I am tired of not being able to catch small raiding parties with my nords.  I believe it is historically accurate that the Huscarls used horses for transportation, and were able to catch William at Hasting thanks to their horses.  The horses they used were not suitable for cavalry action, but still were quicker than walking.  I'd suggest the higher tier nords have crappy mounts and perhaps an automatic 'dismount' command at the beginning of every battle.


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There is a design feature that make high tier foot soldier travel as fast as other mounted troops in the world map. I believe it is foot troops that are marked as "mounted", don't get a horse but have good riding skill. This setting determine their world map speed.

There many factors that effect the party speed. Path finding skill, weight, morale/party size, number of "mounted" troops and "unmounted" troops.


Troop editor. Just click the 'Mounted' box on all troops. If you don't want to cheat though, use vaegir guards and swadian sergeants. They're mounted infantry.


If the infantry is mounted on horseback, it is no longer infantry?  :lol:
But I agree, it is a bit silly to have all the troops jog with the hero across the world map.
Perhaps there is a caravan of wagons to carry the stuff and transport some of the troops behind the scenes? :smile:


SoanoS said:
If the infantry is mounted on horseback, it is no longer infantry?  :lol:

Mounted infantry means that infantry travels to the battle on horse, and dismounts before battle. The Polish in WW2 used mounted infantry tactics.
If a runner drives to the stadium, does that make him a race car driver?  I think in the medieval non-professional armies anyone who could afford a horse rode one with the armies, but of course that wasn't very many.  Mind you, most people couldn't afford a full suit of armour, yet there sure is a lot kicking around in Caladria.

Thanks for letting me know about the Sgt at arms.  I will have to consider training some.
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