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Please leave all feedback relating to the Khuzait Mounted Archer in this thread.


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mounted archer shouldn't cost 160, the backstory describes this unit as the backbone of khuzait force, so it should be much cheaper like 110

or their armor value should increase, and get better bow and better horse to match the cost


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for captain,
they easily get killed from enemy horsemen and infantry and archers when "f1 f3"
so i always tell them to follow me,,
getting great spots for skirmishes and always run from any dangers

Even then !!

when they get their jobs ok sometimes, the effect is not that impressive
even if they got a perfect match

the conclusion:
the hard work doesn't get payed well with them
for that, increases size by 1 or 2 might get them very balanced imo

and if possible, improving their "reaction speed" to a command and maneuver might help a lot
"giving them the double W W sprint to make the maneuvers works faster"
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Unnecessary amount of arrows, unnecessary damage and unnecessary bow readying time. If you don't have any good archers its a high chance that the team with the horse archers will win. Horse archers can ready the bow in a split second and inflict 50 damage if they aim for the chest(which is quite easy to do). Readying speed should be decreased a lot and accuracy should be decreased a bit.


Captain Mode:

They're useless in the following situations: Island of Deriad, Against any team with equal or more cavalry captains.
They typically trade badly with enemy archers which is to be expected.
They can't hold their own against any other cavalry.
When moving at all their aim is horrible (they cannot retreat and fire accurately at cavalry chasing them, for example).
They are exceptionally good at dealing with shock infantry, which they need to since khuzaits have none.
You're still better off getting the lancers with a bow and arrow instead of this unit, since its the strongest cavalry in melee at the moment while also doubling as a horse archer.
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