Mounted Archer Perk Is Broken

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How to Reproduce: Equip the Noble Long Bow while on horseback (with Mounted Archer perk)
Version: 1.05
Computer Specs
OS: Win10
GPU: 1080ti
CPU: 8600k
RAM: 3200mhz cl16
Motherboard: Asus Prime z370-A
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD

The Mounted Archer perk (which you unlock with a bow skill of 100) says it will allow you to use any bow on a horse. However, despite having this perk when I equip the Noble Long Bow it will not let me use if I am on horseback. Seems as tho the perk is currently not working. This is reproducible on multiple saves.
How to Reproduce: Rideer skill/archer skills
Version: 1.06
Computer Specs
OS: Win10
GPU: 1070ti
CPU: AMD 2700X
RAM: 16gig 3200mhz cl16
Motherboard: MSI Gaming M7 AC
Storage Device 500gig Samsung 970 evo M.2

To add to this post, I have noticed several character perks that do not work. Any perk that adds (+X amount) arrows to the quiver do not work.
Squire perk does not add the +2 parties.


Same as above. Noble bow or any long bow can't be used with this perk while on horse. Meaning skill is completely useless to every player around the world now as it is broken completely. Can we correct this?


They are probably already aware of this, but missing this perk is especially disappointing, so bump.


How to Reproduce: Equip Noble Longbow on horseback with the Mounted Archer perk. Cannot use the Noble Longbow in-battle scenes.
Version: 1.1.0 (Beta branch)
Computer Specs
OS: Win10
GPU: 1660ti
CPU: 4670k
RAM: 1600mhz 16 gigs
Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z-87
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): EVO 850 SSD

Mounted archer perk doesn't do anything. I have the perk to allow me to use any bow on horseback, but in battle I can't actually draw my Noble Longbow while on a horse. Works fine if I dismount, but not while mounted.
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