MP Antiquity Mount&Gladius v2.0 [8/23/10] Poll Added

Which option would make you most eager to play on M&G servers?

  • New scenes, built with period Romanesque architecture

    Votes: 620 45.0%
  • Another faction, such as Greek, Parthian, or other

    Votes: 807 58.6%
  • More players on the servers

    Votes: 478 34.7%

  • Total voters

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Cheap ass bum
Mount&Gladius v2.0 is here!

Poll added

So, it's fairly obvious that there haven't been huge amounts of players and servers running this, and I'm slightly curious about that. (As appose to the first release, for instance.) I get the feeling it's mainly because there simply aren't enough people on at once to get fun games going, and that if once there was a server with 20+ people, it would take care of itself from there, and people would continue to play.

However, I've added a poll to see what the consensus is. I personally am leaning towards adding new scenes and some proper roman architecture to build them with.

Anyway, vote, or post what you think.  :smile:

Download v2.0

*Was named 'Roman Multiplayer Mod'


  • Rome
  • Gaul
  • 12 Armors*
  • 10 Shields
  • 11 Swords
  • 7 Helmets
  • 6 Footwears
  • 6 Horses
  • 6 Spears
  • 6 Pila
  • The Module System is included

*Everything was created by me. I used one or two Native models as a base for a couple armors and the horses, but everything else is pure me.  :wink:

Everything but the rigging of the Segmentata, that is. Much Kudos to Narf for doing such an awesome job with that!

Anyway, without further ado, here be the pics so you can commence drooling (or flaming.) :razz:

To install:
I'd advise deleting the old folder and unzipping this one as if you were installing a new mod. I can't vouch for it working otherwise.

Gallic Warriors.


Light horsemen. Notice the lack of a saddle; the three new Roman mounts in the mod are all saddle-less.


The new equipment for the Legionary troop.

Centurion Hamata


A light armor

And an updated Praetorian Guard armor texture

Basically, everything in this mod can be used and modified however you want, for whatever projects you want. Think of it as an advanced OSP pack with mulityplayer as a bonus. All I ask is that if anyone creates LODs for these models, send them to me to be included. I haven't made them, and I'm not going to, because creating lods is boring.  :razz:

v2.0 Changlog:

New faction, the Gauls, are in, outfitted with completely new custom made models. They replace the Nords

Did some texture tweaking on some Roman equipment, but they are mostly the same.

v1.2 Changlog:

New version is up! I added several more roman armors to flesh out and fill out their selection, and also added a new Velite round shield, and roman javelins for cav and archers. Basic three roman bots are included now.

Some stat tweaking, including upping the thrust damage on the Gladius and the durability of the shields.

I also updated to the latest module system (1.126), and re-coded everything in properly, so Rome is it's own faction now, instead of replacing Sarranids.

No barbarians yet, sorry. :wink: I've started on them, but I wanted to finish up Rome first.
Temuzu said:
You just trashed like 2 modders hopes of being the first Roman mod for MP in a blink of an eye :razz: Looks great.
Even though I call it a multiplayer mod, this is mainly just a modders resource. If all the other mods want to use the items in this, that would be brilliant and I would be even happier.
Nice dude.

The Pomeranians will toss this one up soon. :wink:

Rome.. ahhh tis great to be back. :smile:
Cavalier Francesco said:
Any server up?  (too lazy to write a good english xd)

yet for a lazy dude, you just wrote more than if you had just write ''is any server up''

it would have saved you a ton more time, than actually declaring ''im too lazy for blabla''  :lol:
Thanks for the items Llew2, been waiting for a nice Roman mod for time now :grin:

So, I take it we can use these in our mods, if we give you credit?
DUDE thank you so much for making this mod
ive been waiting soo long to find a roman mod
this one is amazing
i cant wait for it to be implemented into a campaign
thanks again man
Artyem said:
Thanks for the items Llew2, been waiting for a nice Roman mod for time now :grin:

So, I take it we can use these in our mods, if we give you credit?
Yeah, feel free.

Some Aussies had a server running it this morning, but there doesn't seem to be one up at the moment.
The armor looks great, but I would like to see a different faction icon. And maybe you could change pilums into pila? And equite into eques
:razz: And shouldn't the basic horse cost some money like other factions' basic horses? Well I could suggest a lot more things, but I think it's great enough right now (if you change the faction icon). Anyways, good work.
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