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So here are 2 perks and the % better deal they give, first level 75 filled to brim, buying desert horses for 302 before the perk and 300 after that's a whopping .66%, next lvl 75 local connections, selling my horses for 289 before the perk and 292 after that's just over 1%. So for the two perks in the game to get a better deal for mounts we got a massive 1.7%. Really, I was shocked when I finally realized this. I have to ask, who came up with these numbers for the perks and why would anyone get 2 perks that wont even give 2%. on a 2,000 aserai horse that's a huge 34 denar deal. Wow I'm rich now. I am being a little bit salty to see this. But I would love the dev responsible for perks to explain the logic behind these numbers. Not even as good as the low ball 2% skill perks for weapons that are trash. So Dev, love to hear it.
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