Mount & Blade Warband version 1.161 patch

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UPDATE: This patch is live now on Steam. Non-Steam version will come later along with the Module System. This version is compatible with the previous version.

Heyo Warbladers,

We have updated Warband's Steam beta (use the password "betapassword" for access) to 1.161 in preparation for an upcoming DLC announcement! This patch introduces a haul of new operations for modders.

We'll bring this patch out in full in a few days on Steam.

Old mods will be compatible. To use the new operations (you may be able to hack them in yourselves by manually entering the operations) we will provide the module system ASAP. More info on that soon!

Save games from old versions WILL be compatible with this version but save games from this version WILL NOT be compatible with old versions.

Ask any questions here.

Full list here!

try_for_prop_instances = 16 # (try_for_prop_instances, <destination>, [<scene_prop_id>]), # if scene_prop_id is not given, it loops through all prop instances.
game_key_get_mapped_key_name    = 65  # (game_key_get_mapped_key_name, <string_register>, <game_key>),
options_get_battle_size        = 270 # (options_get_battle_size, <destination>), # returns battle size slider value in 0-1000 range.
options_set_battle_size        = 271 # (options_set_battle_size, <value>), # sets battle size slider value in 0-1000 range.
position_rotate_z_floating      = 734 # (position_rotate_z_floating,<position_no>,<angle>), #angle in degree * fixed point multiplier
mouse_get_world_projection      = 751 # (mouse_get_world_projection, <position_no_1>, <position_no_2>), returns camera position (position_no_1) and mouse projection to back of world (position_no_2)
overlay_set_material                      = 956 # (overlay_set_material, <overlay_id>, <string_no>),
auto_save                                = 985 # (auto_save),
party_set_ignore_with_player_party    = 1648  # (party_set_ignore_with_player_party, <party_id>, <value>),
party_get_ignore_with_player_party    = 1649  # (party_get_ignore_with_player_party, <party_id>),
close_order_menu                      = 1789  # (close_order_menu),
cast_ray                              = 1900  # (cast_ray, <destination>, <hit_position_register>, <ray_position_register>, [<ray_length_fixed_point>]), #Casts a ray of length [<ray_length_fixed_point>] starting from <ray_position_register> and stores the closest hit position into <hit_position_register> (fails if no hits). If the body hit is a prop instance, its id will be stored into <destination>
cur_item_add_mesh                      = 1964  # (cur_item_add_mesh, <mesh_name_string_no>, [<lod_begin>], [<lod_end>]), #only call inside ti_on_init_item in module_items # lod values are optional. lod_end is not included.
cur_item_set_material                  = 1978  # (cur_item_set_material, <string_no>, <sub_mesh_no>, [<lod_begin>], [<lod_end>]), #only call inside ti_on_init_item in module_items # lod values are optional. lod_end is not included.
agent_get_bone_position                = 2076 # (agent_get_bone_position, <position_no>, <agent_no>, <bone_no>, [<local_or_global>]), # returns position of bone. Option 0 for local to agent position, 1 for global
prop_instance_deform_to_time          = 2610 # (prop_instance_deform_to_time, <prop_instance_no>, <value>), # value gives the vertex animation time.
prop_instance_deform_in_range        = 2611 # (prop_instance_deform_in_range, <prop_instance_no>, <start_frame>, <end_frame>, <duration-in-1/1000-seconds>), #play animation from start frame to end frame
prop_instance_deform_in_cycle_loop    = 2612 # (prop_instance_deform_in_cycle_loop, <prop_instance_no>, <start_frame>, <end_frame>, <duration-in-1/1000-seconds> #cyclical animation within start-end frame
prop_instance_get_current_deform_progress = 2615 # (prop_instance_get_current_deform_progress, <destination>, <prop_instance_no>), #returns a percentage value between 0 and 100 if animation is still in progress. returns 100 otherwise.
prop_instance_get_current_deform_frame    = 2616 # (prop_instance_get_current_deform_frame, <destination>, <prop_instance_no>), #returns current frame with round to nearest
prop_instance_set_material            = 2617 # (prop_instance_set_material, <prop_instance_no>, <sub_mesh_no>, <string_register>), #give sub mesh as -1 to change all meshes' materials.

item_get_weight                      = 2700 # (item_get_weight, <destination_fixed_point>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s weight into <destination_fixed_point>
item_get_value                        = 2701 # (item_get_value, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s value into <destination>
item_get_difficulty                  = 2702 # (item_get_difficulty, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s difficulty into <destination>
item_get_head_armor                  = 2703 # (item_get_head_armor, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s head armor into <destination>
item_get_body_armor                  = 2704 # (item_get_body_armor, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s body armor into <destination>
item_get_leg_armor                    = 2705 # (item_get_leg_armor, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s leg armor into <destination>
item_get_hit_points                  = 2706 # (item_get_hit_points, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s hit points into <destination>
item_get_weapon_length                = 2707 # (item_get_weapon_length, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s weapon length into <destination>
item_get_speed_rating                = 2708 # (item_get_speed_rating, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s speed rating into <destination>
item_get_missile_speed                = 2709 # (item_get_missile_speed, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s missile speed into <destination>
item_get_max_ammo                    = 2710 # (item_get_max_ammo, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s max ammo into <destination>
item_get_accuracy                    = 2711 # (item_get_accuracy, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s accuracy into <destination>
item_get_shield_height                = 2712 # (item_get_shield_height, <destination_fixed_point>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s shield height into <destination>
item_get_horse_scale                  = 2713 # (item_get_horse_scale, <destination_fixed_point>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s horse scale into <destination>
item_get_horse_speed                  = 2714 # (item_get_horse_speed, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s horse speed into <destination>
item_get_horse_maneuver              = 2715 # (item_get_horse_maneuver, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s horse maneuver into <destination>
item_get_food_quality                = 2716 # (item_get_food_quality, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s food quality into <destination>
item_get_abundance                    = 2717 # (item_get_abundance, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s abundance into <destination>
item_get_thrust_damage                = 2718 # (item_get_thrust_damage, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s thrust damage into <destination>
item_get_thrust_damage_type          = 2719 # (item_get_thrust_damage_type, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s thrust damage type into <destination>
item_get_swing_damage                = 2720 # (item_get_swing_damage, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s thrust damage into <destination>
item_get_swing_damage_type            = 2721 # (item_get_swing_damage_type, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s thrust damage type into <destination>
item_get_horse_charge_damage          = 2722 # (item_get_horse_charge_damage, <destination>, <item_kind_no>), #Stores <item_kind_no>'s thrust damage into <destination>
item_has_property                    = 2723 # (item_has_property, <item_kind_no>, <property>), #Fails if <item_kind_no> doesn't have <property>
item_has_capability                  = 2724 # (item_has_capability, <item_kind_no>, <capability>), #Fails if <item_kind_no> doesn't have <capability>
item_has_modifier                    = 2725 # (item_has_modifier, <item_kind_no>, <item_modifier_no>), #Fails if <item_modifier_no> is not a valid modifier for <item_kind_no> # use imod_xxx instead of imodbit_xxx
item_has_faction                      = 2726 # (item_has_faction, <item_kind_no>, <faction_no>), #Fails if <item_kind_no> doesn't have <faction_no> in its faction list

str_store_player_face_keys            = 2747 # (str_store_player_face_keys, <string_no>, <player_id>), #Stores <player_id>'s face key into string.
player_set_face_keys                  = 2748 # (player_set_face_keys, <player_id>, <string_no>), #Sets <player_id>'s face keys from string.
str_store_troop_face_keys            = 2750 # (str_store_troop_face_keys, <string_no>, <troop_no>, [<alt>]), #Stores <troop_no>'s face key into string. if [<alt>] is non-zero the second pair of face keys is stored
troop_set_face_keys                  = 2751 # (troop_set_face_keys, <troop_no>, <string_no>, [<alt>]), #Sets <troop_no>'s face keys from string. if [<alt>] is non-zero the second pair of face keys is set.
face_keys_get_hair                    = 2752 # (face_keys_get_hair, <destination>, <string_no>), #Stores face key's hair value into <destination>
face_keys_set_hair                    = 2753 # (face_keys_set_hair, <string_no>, <value>), #Sets face key's hair value
face_keys_get_beard                  = 2754 # (face_keys_get_beard, <destination>, <string_no>), #Stores face key's beard value into <destination>
face_keys_set_beard                  = 2755 # (face_keys_set_beard, <string_no>, <value>), #Sets face key's beard value
face_keys_get_face_texture            = 2756 # (face_keys_get_face_texture, <destination>, <string_no>), #Stores face key's face texture value into <destination>
face_keys_set_face_texture            = 2757 # (face_keys_set_face_texture, <string_no>, <value>), #Sets face key's face texture value
face_keys_get_hair_texture            = 2758 # (face_keys_get_hair_texture, <destination>, <string_no>), #Stores face key's hair texture value into <destination>
face_keys_set_hair_texture            = 2759 # (face_keys_set_hair_texture, <string_no>, <value>), #Sets face key's hair texture value
face_keys_get_hair_color              = 2760 # (face_keys_get_hair_color, <destination>, <string_no>), #Stores face key's hair color value into <destination>
face_keys_set_hair_color              = 2761 # (face_keys_set_hair_color, <string_no>, <value>), #Sets face key's hair color value
face_keys_get_age                    = 2762 # (face_keys_get_age, <destination>, <string_no>), #Stores face key's age value into <destination>
face_keys_set_age                    = 2763 # (face_keys_set_age, <string_no>, <value>), #Sets face key's age value
face_keys_get_skin_color              = 2764 # (face_keys_get_skin_color, <destination>, <string_no>), #Stores face key's skin color value into <destination>
face_keys_set_skin_color              = 2765 # (face_keys_set_skin_color, <string_no>, <value>), #Sets face key's skin color value
face_keys_get_morph_key              = 2766 # (face_keys_get_morph_key, <destination>, <string_no>, <key_no>), #Stores face key's morph key value (0-7) into <destination>
face_keys_set_morph_key              = 2767 # (face_keys_set_morph_key, <string_no>, <key_no>, <value>), #Sets face key's morph key value (0-7)


Very interesting, but I'm even more excited about the new DLC that will be announced!

Lord Rich

Grandmaster Knight
The following sound especially useful:



There have been rumours the DLC will be the following:




Section Moderator
Wow! operations looking good.Just header_operations ? :smile:

Im waiting for DLC. :smile:

Can you tell to us DLC will be Singleplayer or multiplayer ? or both ?

MArdA TaleWorlds

Community Support & Localization
Community Support
Maybe adding more attention for the Workshop with new operations for modders? Great tactic!

New DLC though, its new!


Grandmaster Knight
Because of Warband i start using Steam. After a lot of money spend on bundles at last its time to spend on Taleworlds again :smile:


Section Moderator
I thought they are currently working on Bannerlord only. It seems there is a long way ahead of us for the new game.

EDIT: Or the Bannerlord is not a new game but just a DLC? I don't even want to think that way :mrgreen:


Master Knight
DLC... wasn't Napoleonic Wars a DLC also? If you make such a great DLC as NW was I will buy it inmediately :grin:


Sergeant at Arms
I don't think Taleworlds spent time to make a new DLC.
I think the new DLC is Battle Cry of Freedom from same team of Napoleonic Wars.
I also see in this patch there're 2 operation:
options_get_battle_size         = 270 # (options_get_battle_size, <destination>), # returns battle size slider value in 0-1000 range.
options_set_battle_size         = 271 # (options_set_battle_size, <value>), # sets battle size slider value in 0-1000 range.
those could be related to a new feature of the game of 500+ players battles.

More infos ->
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