Mount & Blade: Warband Syntax helper for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

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Hello fellow modding community members! I am Azremen (a.k.a. Revan) and I have ported Shcherbyna's Syntax helper for Sublime Text 3 to Microsoft Visual Studio Code with my friend Sart. I've consulted this matter with Shcherbyna and decided to publish this version with you. All directives have given at file at the github repository link that I will mention in this comment but I will publish them anyway. So here we go!

This is Azremen (a.k.a. Revan) and Sart's Warband Syntax helper. (Ported version of Shcherbyna's Sublime Text Version)

To install, do these following:

1. Terminate your Microsoft Visual Studio Code

2. Go to your Microsoft Visual Studio Code's extension folder. (It is usually under this location on Microsoft Windows 10: "C:\Users\yourusername\.vscode\extensions") -"yourusername" should be your current user name of windows account-

3. Copy "mbap" folder that you have downloaded

4. Paste it in your extension folder

That is it! You have successfully installed Mount & Blade: Warband's Syntax Helper for Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Now you may enjoy developing in Mount & Blade: Warband's Module System

Q: What is and how does it works?
A: It is porting codes for Shcherbyna's Sublime Text Version to Microsoft Visual Code Version.

Q: Is there any new operation helper that exists in this version?
A: Sadly there is not much but yes there is. These are try operator blocks.

Q: Is there any bugfixes?
A: Yes. There is bugfixes on comments.

Q: I found a bug. Where can I report?
A: We have a forum thread on taleworlds which we will provide the link at the end of the file, you may post there or you may try and solve it yourself and publish it on your own. We don't have a limiter on license if you read and understand. So enjoy developing!

For any of your questions and problems, feel free to ask them under the forum thread!

Forum Thread:

Github Link:

Thank all of you for this happened and special thanks to Shcherbyna.
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