SP Dark Ages Mount & Blade Warband: Odysseia

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In the year 431 BC, almost 50 years have passed since King Leonidas' brave struggle against the Persian army and his death. In ancient Greece, where there was no unity and solidarity yet, be a part of this adventure when the city-states of Athens and Sparta were at each other's throats, literally against red and blue.








We are looking for new talents. Remember, joining this team will add a lot to you. I have been in this business for 8 years as a 3d artist and now I got the idea of making a new game. But since making a new game is very troublesome, I decided to start by making a mod for a popular game, bannerlord. Joining my team will give you a lot of new skills in 3d modeling.

We are now looking for new talent.

3d Artist
Required Qualifications
3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender Substance Painter. We are looking for new talents that can use any of these programs.
2d Artist
Required Qualifications
We are looking for a teammate who can use Photoshop at an advanced level.
Map Designer
Required Qualifications
We are looking for friends who can design cities, castles and villages who know how to use Bannerlord scene editor.
Required Qualifications
We are looking for a teammate who can write new codes for the C# programming language, at least for bannerlord.
3d Animator
Required Qualifications
We are looking for teammates who know any of the programs such as 3ds Max Autodesk Maya Blender and have experience in animation.
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