Open [Mount & Blade: Warband] Multiplayer->Host a Game: "You are banned from this server" (license)

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Hello, I bought 2 keys of 'Mount & Blade: Warband' through two different Steam accounts. I'm trying to set up the multiplayer game over LAN.
So, I do the following steps:
1) On the first computer: start 'Host Game'.
2) On the second computer: Join a game. We select the only server. After that we have a 'You are banned from this server' message.

Please help us!
It's a pity!

Thank you for answer!
No problem.

And yea, it's very disappointing, every morning I wake up and I hope Taleworlds put at least one person to investigate this issue.
Devs don't support anymore Warband, this is a shame because Bannerlord brokes the game and they act like they are blinds about this issue.

If people keeps talking about this issue maybe they will look at it the next year...
I do not even see the reason why LAN was deemed to be useless or unneeded, so that it was later sneakily disabled or removed. Seems like an action performed on purpose to butcher the game.
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