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Mount&Blade Version 1.011 is ready

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Congratulations on your success, and best wishes on your future endeavors. I hope we all can watch and be apart of your next project as well.
Thanks so much for this game! I quickly bought it after trying one of the earlier versions and have enjoyed every moment playing.
I am glad to see such a group following this game, too.
Well done!
It has been a real pleasure being part of the community and being able to play and test this magnificent game. Hopefully we'll see more from Taleworlds soon :grin:
Thank you very much for making this great game. I hope you have many hours of happiness with your family and friends now, you deserve it.  Well done and another thank you to all developers and the modding community.
I can't really get it, why did so many game testers like gamespot, FZ give M&B 1/5?! They must be stupid or maybe they deosnt like REAL games.

To make M&B grow bigger, maybe it's time for the devolpers to make a co-op, up to 4 players maybe.
Cong. all dev team and especially Armagan and Ipek, I think you are a milestone for Turkish game industry,you cant imagine how I admire your success. Now I want a wife who understands games, you are my idol partner :smile: sizinle gurur duyuyorum ve emeği geçen herkesi candan kutluyorum.
I may never have posted on this forum, but i've been playing M&B since .408 and it has kept me entertained for years.
So thank you. Thank you for making a game that can entertain for hours or be enjoyed in quick 15 minute bursts when all that studying gets too much.
Thank you so much TaleWorlds!
I have been playing since 0.6xx something and still loving it.
Definitely my favourite game ever.
i fapped as i watched the download ticker increase % complete :lol:

but seriously... i only found the game out when it was at v 960 s i havent waited long.. but very much so in anticipation
I can't remember what the first version I played would have been, .6 something probably. I have thoroughly enjoyed checking out the new content of each release. Your name shall forever be remembered in indie game developing history! (or so you should hope) Thank you so much.

For anyone who hasn't downloaded 1.003 yet, it looks like WorthPlaying has several world mirrors for it:
Cooliewoelie (Chinchan!) Its cool as hell tho it has some lag sometimes but i dun care.
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