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Septa Scarabae

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This is intended to be a resource for those who are working on older modifications, or those who are looking to port old modifications to new versions. I don't have anything older than v.0.202, which I just uploaded to the Repository.

Warband Installer
-: v.1.153 (586 MB)

Warband Module System
-: v.1.153

Warband Dedicated Server Files
-: v.1.153

Mount & Blade Installer
-: v.0.202 (24 MB)
-: v.0.632 (34 MB)
-: v.0.704 (34 MB)
-: v.0.711 (37 MB)
-: v.0.731 (42 MB)
-: v.0.751 (53 MB)
-: v.0.808 (77 MB)
-: v.0.894 (115 MB)
-: v.0.901 (123 MB)
-: v.0.903 (123 MB)
-: v.0.955 (153 MB)
-: v.0.960 (153 MB)
-: v.1.003 (380 MB)
-: v.1.011 (380 MB)

Module System
-: v.0.704
-: v.0.711
-: v.0.731
-: v.0.750
-: v.0.808
-: v.0.894
-: v.0.903
-: v.0.960
-: v.1.010

XAN_ said:
Here is v0.950
157 MB


some of the greatest mods ever made were not ported or the modders are too busy to port them to 0.903 so all versions have their advantages with different mods made for that version so i guess lots of players have older versions installed in their computers just like me hehe

i have 0.751, 0.808 , 0.894 and 0.903 hehe  :grin: :grin: :grin:


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I have .601 and .623 floating around somewhere. I won't put it on rapidshare because i've done so three times already. I'll let someone else have a turn.


Thanks for stuff, Septa!

I am at the moment uploading v. 0.601, so you can dowload it after about 15 minutes :smile:


how do you have more that 1 version on your compute? I tried downloading .808 but it just overrided my .903?


how do you have more that 1 version on your compute? I tried downloading .808 but it just overrided my .903?
Sigh... search for 'multiple m&b installs" or simmilar


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Septa Scarabae said:
Module System
-: v.0.704

Boy, does that ever bring back memories . . . else_try didn't even work correctly back then.

*realises just how long he's been here and shudders*


Septa Scarabae

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Winter said:
Boy, does that ever bring back memories . . .

We also had wonderful load times, lol.

Morgoth2005 said:
Me, so used to the .903 faster gameplay, met with .632 snail like gameplay very enjoyed .632. .632 = fun :razz:

Is it that much slower? I never noticed a difference, but it has been a while.


Thanks! This certainly helps if or when I decide to try some of the mods for .808 for example. Now I don't have to go and search the web for a link that might or might not work.
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