Mount & Blade Motion Control (Kinect) - Proof of Concept Video and Discussion

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Proof of Concept Video (read the rest of this post before commenting):

I'm not sure if many people remember me but I did a mod called the Undying Lands a while back for version 0.93 which never got ported to release.

Anyhow I've been working on using Kinect's depth camera to retrofit the technology to normal games. I've done a number of these for the likes of COD, Street Fighter, Max Payne, Rome Total War, Black and White etc and I've just released a proof of concept for Mount & Blade. Unfortunately head tracking is being done by a wiimote stuffed in a hat, but that should get replaced by Kinect head tracking soon.

So the general concept is to try and achieve a more immersive game play experience - where you defend your self with a shield by raising your left arm, dispatch foes by swinging your right, look around with your head and give orders with your voice.

What do you guys think to this? Is it worth pursuing? One of the nice things about Mount & Blade is its mod culture and tools - I'm thinking along the lines of improving the control method and then developing at least some custom weapons if not custom areas for combat. This could lead into an immersion mod similar to UDL - but no promises!

At the moment I'm wondering if anyone knows how to control sword swings by key board presses alone - the method I have functions but its prone to getting over written by the head tracking when things get fast and tight.

Scripts used in this video:

Old UDL Thread:
You're insane. :grin:

Great idea. But it won't be applicable for me though, especially in MP... I wonder what will happen when I start raging... :smile:
That is incredible.  I didn't believe it was possible.  When I watched it I wasn't sure it was real.  I believe you.  But may I recommend doing a video from your back angle?
Yeah, I noticed the mirror. Good proof. Looks quite intriguing. I'm not one for motion controlling but this could actually be quite fun.

Also, good to see you again, Demize. It's been a while. I tought you had gone forever once you just left UDL, good to see you're back.
A bit healthy thing. You do some excersises while sitting and your muscles won't atrophy. Huh.
I didnt know that a level of love such as this even existed <3 Especially love the Rome video, I can imagine yelling to a mic "INFANTRY, MOVE IT YOU DOGS!" :grin:

Well done!
:O it's you!

This is awesome :O but actually this could work out really well, something I would pay for. But is there another solution to the wii remote controller?
Very cool!

One thing that I would love to see in this system -- if it's even possible -- would be for Kinect to recognize all 4 block directions, with the arm gesture required for each one being a slight tweak of the matching attack movement. Please let me know if this indeed was in the video and I somehow missed it, but it would be really cool if while your arm was in one of the attack positions, say the overhead strike for example, to suddenly turn your wrist to hold the sword horizontal, quickly initiating the overhead block animation (yeah, there'd be some lag, but it'd be neato).

It's a great use of technology you've got going on here. Awesome work!

(All we need now is a Die by the Sword style sword-swinging mod that maps the exact position of your arm to dynamic unscripted 1:1 sword movements. I know this is probably completely impossible without reverse engineering the game, but it's a fun thought!)
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