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Imagine a "Gradual Effect" system. Lets say you're pushing up a ladder, but you're interrupted. The ladder doesn't just magically act like nobody tried to push it up, it just is not pushed up all the way. Same thing with cannons if they do an NW style DLC. You get interrupted while pushing a cannon. The cannon is pushed, but not all the way.
PTWarrior said:
I think I heard the song somewhere else before watching blog 8 so I don't think it's original, but I'm not sure.
It's in the Prophesy of Pendor mod, I think.
If I recall, the music was made by Rejenorst. Could be wrong about that.

Anyways, it's probably not by Periscope.
I like the music on the blog. Not so much the music on the racing game.

I like the ability to import heightmaps. I wonder if it is at all possible to do an entirely procedural world by having the engine import parts of one generated outside the game, or will the game itself have a default procedural as well as the map that will obviously be Calradia specific?

In any event, it would appear it will interact with procedural stuff at least to the extent that you can procedurally generate and then import straightforwardly.

I'm not a coder, so please forgive me if all of this makes no sense. I just have sort of fallen in love with the sort of endless exploration of procedural world generation, and for modding that would be awesome in my opinion.
Holy ****, it's Sunday again. So much stuff going on around here, time flies so fast...

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Hello there readers of LuMag, the only magazine. It’s bloody Sunday again, that means I have to concoct another story to keep you guys happy reveal another article with our most carefully researched information about Bannerlord. Now a lot of you were intrigued by the background music playing in the video that was supposedly ‘blog 8’. Some of you suggested that this won’t be the music playing in the actual game, and the D.U.R.U.M. Home Guard investigated and confirmed this theory. After Warband,  Taleworlds believes it is time for Rockband. U2 has decided that those 500 million people who got their newest album for free already weren’t enough, and that you too, will listen to U2, whether you want it or not. The lead singer also asked to voice a character in the game known as the Bonolord, but Taleworlds is of yet reluctant , because they want to avoid confusion with Eric Bana’s character (See issue #6 of LuMag, the only magazine). I have instructed my conscript workers to do more research on U2’s mysterious ways. Bono, if you’re reading this, we WILL reveal the truth, with or without you!
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More stuff next Sunday, as usual.

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Good work! I kinda expected a bit more this 27th of september but hey, I understand how hard it is to create a new engine. I just hope things become faster once this part is finished.
Lumos said:
Holy ****, it's Sunday again. So much stuff going on around here, time flies so fast...

= LuMag, the only magazine #18; 1/X 2014

I suppose your proofreader is about to mysteriously -and permanently- disappear now, isn't he? :razz:
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