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Cookie Muncher said:
You're not witty. The rules are reffering to a different type of piracy, and with "general talk about piracy" I was regarding exactly the internet piracy of music, movies and games that are usually bought with currency.

lol relax, I was making a joke. Of course your type of piracy was about the piracy of music, games and such and it is a good thing that those topics are banned on forums like this.

On topic: I actually think they will not release a devblog soon. My guess is that they will wait untill E3 (no idea if they have a stand there but if they do this is my guess) and show off some trailers, maybe even with some gameplay, and screenshots. Anyway, I think it will be worth to wait a little longer in order to get a good video, instead of a devblog which is certainly fun to read and informative, but lacks content instead of a gameplay video.
I wouldn't count on there being a TW stall at E3...

helari said:
...The alternative to a legalised minimum wage is unions negotiating or enforcing their own minimum wage.

That's a pretty good alternative, don't you think? There's no necessity for it to be unions that decide to raise a wage above the minimum, believe it or not, some businesses do it voluntarily, to attract workers and customers. If people all negotiated higher wages, they would be in the same situation as they would if there were a higher minimum wage, but with the added freedom to legally work or hire workers at a low wage.

Lumos said:
Meevar the Mighty said:
That doesn't strike me as high. Is there a legal maximum wage, or what are you complaining about?
We are in the EU, my friend, which is a perfect excuse for everyone to sell everything at "european prices", and yes, our prices and mostly like the ones found in every EU country. Now tell me, if the average salary in my country is about 300€/month, and the average salary in Germany is 2000€/month, but the costs of living are similar, is there a problem? I certainly see one. :razz:
Over here, roughly 80% of your monthly income goes towards buying food. Relatives of mine live in Norway, and they're telling me that even people with the worst-paid jobs (whose revenues equate to a high monthly Bulgarian salary, by the way) spend about 10% of their income on food. Of course, living in Norway is a lot more expensive than living here, however if you're giving most of your salary in order to buy food (we're not talking about excessive amounts of food as well, but rather the needed amounts for survival), and the larger part of the rest goes towards paying the bills, the situation isn't pretty. A lot of the people around here barely manage to make ends meet, with a lot of them having more than one job.
In any case, living here basically sucks (unless you're rich). We've got awesome nature, a lot of sights to see, and stuff like that, true. But that ain't enough to compensate. And don't get me started on politics and politicians. :smile:

Well the problem is for people who accept a low wage in preference of a high wage. I feel sorry for you (though sounds like you have cheap rent...), I'm just saying that a weak exchange rate and low minimum wage don't stop people from making money in your part of the world, they just increase the likelihood that people in certain professions will be empoverished. Clearly some of your compatriots are making a huge profit from the situation and can probably afford to get PCs to run Bannerlord.

A higher minimum wage doesn't magically create higher payed jobs, so what we have in a country like this one is people who are hard up for employment trying to scrape by doing the same jobs that are viable in other countries, but not making enough money to work legally and consequently forcing their employer (who is probably also living on next to nothing) to live in fear of getting prosecuted for providing work that's apparently beneath our country.
HEY TALEWORLDS!  Be more transparent please.  I have never since this long a dev cycle with so little released.  You guys announced this game so early in development that now it kind of seems like borderline vaporware.

Also is Taleworld going to improve the combat at all?  Are they even visiting the non-Turkish forums?  Thrusting has from the beginning been completely ****ed.  Thrusting weapons are horribly at a disadvantage because this game can't register thrust attacks properly. 
HEY WARGOD! They have shown screenshots. That in itself disqualifies Bannerlord from your 'vaporware' categorization.

Try googling the things you complain about.
[quote author=Wikipedia]Vaporware is also a term sometimes used to describe events that are announced or predicted, never officially cancelled, but never intended to happen.[/quote]
Cookie Muncher said:
General talk about piracy is bannable.

What about general talk about space Khergiting?

wargod2009 said:
HEY TALEWORLDS!  Be more transparent please.  I have never since this long a dev cycle with so little released.  You guys announced this game so early in development that now it kind of seems like borderline vaporware.

Obsidian Entertainment and their Pillars of Eternity is a good comparison here. Since the end of their kickstarter campain (September 15, 2012) they made 75 blogs.
About the same time Bannerlord was announced: 5 blogs since then.

Taleworlds, learn from them:
Golradir said:
u might want to edit your post about that certain thing, before u get banned :O

fix'd, thanks for the warning guys

Meevar the Mighty said:
Well the problem is for people who accept a low wage in preference of a high wage. I feel sorry for you (though sounds like you have cheap rent...

People here don't  have a choice. If you had 4 mouths to feed and no job in sight would you really refuse a low wage job? I think not.

Anyway  @ all you complaining about the lack of devblog.

Yes, we ain't getting a lot of devblogs but I think I understand why. The graphics of the game probably aren't smoothed out to the max, and the devs are probably still using placeholders from Warband. People cry for a blog, but if they would get one that shows of some features but looks ugly they would cry even more. I know there's a large proportion of mature gamers that are playing Mount&Blade and they don't give a **** about graphics but there is also a large amount of them who do. So why should the devs release a blog showing something unfinished that can damage the reputation of the game?

What they are doing now is selective promotion imo, showing only  the good parts of the game until the rest is finished so the people constantly have a positive impression about it + their lust for the game intensifies for less makes them want  more. I think that's smart, painful to endure, but smart and good for the game.
Facial animations for conversations. (and everywhere else)

Interesting.  Text conversations but with strong graphical facial animations, as I seriously doubt they will add voice acting.

As I'm sure most of us don't even pay attention to the character your talking to aside from the text itself, this could open up a lot of possibilities, specifically for medieval politics and the like depending on how far they went with that.
Look at the background of those screenshots. We can see some fruit and it looks like one of them is cut in half.  :cool:
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