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Hiro you ware entirely correct lore wise. The whole Nords being paid to not attack or to be mercenaries for the Empire or Swadia sounds very similar to what happened with the Vikings in northern France who obviously became the Normans.
If they kept the current map but expanded it somewhat i wouldn't mind.

So instead of starting in swadia etc, you could start there, or you could start in the nordic lands from beyond the sea etc. A bigger map with more factions would be awesome. so if you start in the old nord lands you could become a sea raider and travel to Caladria and start pilforing before returning home.
I would think it would be better if they instead of expanding the map, they zoom more ind making the current locations bigger and  more detailed. having big and small towns and villagers, and let lords create there own faction and going to civil war with out the player have any thing to do with it. making the smaller map( as in how much land it represent) more a live.

I know you also can do that with a bigger map, but a think they should focus more on making the current map more alive then adding more factions and cultures. 
Cookie Muncher said:
You don't know where Macedonia is exactly, do you? Also, let's not turn this into a Civ-like game, where Japanese guys fight with (Not native)Americans in 500BC.

Lol I perfectly well know where Macedonia is. I wanted a greek oriented faction and started talking about the city states in southern Greece. Then I came to the conclusion that a faction based on Macedon or another hellenic kingdom would fit better with the Roman-Empire based faction than a faction based on archaïc/classical Greek citystates. Although Macedon is indeed not located in a archipelago, it would be a nice touch to a hellenic-based faction and would give a good cause for naval exploration and new area's/civs.
Hi guys,

Big fan of M&B series, been jamming them for far more hours than i care to admit. The main thing M&B 2 should improve on is more interaction options, something they didn't really introduce too much with warband. That's what usually turns me off my days long marathons. Late game regardless of what mod i'm playing it's more or less chasing down lords all day, for $$, rep and renown.

Some more scenarios involving interaction with the cities, castles, towns and general environment is definitely what is needed and also increased alternatives to just killing all your enemies in order to 'win'

Something similar to what bethesda have done with their series, with cities unique and alive, rather than just talking menus, would greatly enhance the replay-ability of your next game.

Anyway, my two cents, i know it's going to be a sweet game regardless.

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Song +10

I still remember the M&BWb Star wars mod bear force.
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