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I hope they'll show something next weekend. Yes, im think about that video we have to wait for ''a little longer'' to come out.  :neutral:
Well thats why they did not announced that to until this time. They seem to have a contract which is going to end tomorrow (today). Paradox is a great Indie friendly company. And no one can deny the support of them to TaleWorlds. And Magicka gift is well surprised me!

I am trying to reach a TW developer about this mather. If i can get any new info about the any new publisher and if that info can be share-able i will write it down here.

Thanks for everything Paradox! :3
I believe Lust said that they were going independent and self-publishing Bannerlord. Not entirely sure though.
Everyone guessed since there was no mention of Paradox anywhere near Bannerlord. You know what?


Good riddance.
MadVader said:
Lumos said:
Troy? It was hilarious. Can't understand why anyone would like it.
But well, opinions, I guess.
Exactly, it sucked. Maybe they like it because it had sweaty men in sandals.
Terrible writing, bad history, bad acting.
Having read the Illiad, and also a lot of material on Bronze age Anatolia (which fascinates me), Mycenaean Greece, and the Near East and Egypt, I can barely force myself to watch. It's like a cringing endurance test. Poor Homer (or the many people who were Homer, or a group who added and amalgamated Homer's stories, depending on which theory you subscribe to  :smile:) is rolling in his grave, screaming.
I am not sure about Independent. The possibility of getting offer by publishers are going to most likely. I hope TaleWorlds selects the best option for them and the Turkish Game Sector.
I hope they are and stay independent.
Means more money for TW and that means hopefully a better game.

Edit: just seen the announcement. So self publishing of Bannerlord it is.
I guess that from now on Paradox wont get a cut from sales of the old M&B titles anymore, or it will be smaller.
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