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Must put aside 1 milion euro to buy the PC to play the M&B II. Maybe NASA have a second hand 6-core PC for me.
This reminds me of Blizzard's Diablo III announcing thing.
It only passed 2 years from announcing the game and beta.


In development... as in "we just started to think of an idea or something"  :mrgreen:

(Yeah, I am the forum pesimist this morning. Nothing pleases me.)

No bunny here.  :mrgreen:

PS: Wiki explains it all.
PS2: still, wiki doesn't know any banner-lord.  :twisted:
Si-A-erra. said:
How did the beta work for Warband? did you sign up or where people asked? I doupt it be asked to join if that is how its doneb:sad:

You signed up on some website, waited two weeks and got in or not, the beta of Warband was glorious and I hope to see the same faces (and new ones) in the M&B2 beta!

Also, the new rule is that you HAVE to use your Warband face in M&B2 or you will be banned.
It sounds like it's going to be    King-Lord-Lesser Lord. I think bannerlords are lords gathered under an greater lords banner. Sounds existing.  :grin:
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