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DanAngleland said:
Narlan said:
Will there be more info today or tomorrow?  :?:
Maybe an extended interview... but I doubt there will be any more videos.

From the news announcement of their visit to E3 on the Taleworlds website:

"There will be a big chunk of information released during the event itself, as we make announcements, so expect multiple videos, as well as written details"

Thanks, I forgot. Maybe tonight (in European time) they will release more videos.
DanAngleland said:
Personally I think the inventory menus looked good and user friendly. Whether or not they were designed with consoles in mind, I really don't see the superiority of the grid system that we have in Warband. Rather than multiple units of the same item taking up loads of screen space, they can now be listed on one line e.g. '5 x leather boots'.

M&B had a kind of item stacking, in that you could have 30x fish. Granted, it would be an improvement if you could merge all of your fish and divide them again at will, but fish if I buy 30x fish and then buy another 30x fish, I don't want the second fish to go rotten at the same time as the first fish. The Bannerlord menus that we've seen appear to have done away with item quality.

You could make any type of item stack without eliminating item quality. The two things are separate issues.

A third issue is having a single item take up a whole row in the inventory.

A fourth issue is having very little information about each item visible, despite the greatly increased minimum screen-space per item.

The overall effect is a lot of boring scrolling through less realistic items. Perfect for your NES controller with worn out sideways d-pad buttons.

DanAngleland said:
The pictures for groups 4-9 will probably just be an abbreviation of whatever name you give them or the number of the relevant hotkey.  That said, there isn't a cavalry card as there is in battle, so I would guess that they are treated as infantry, which makes sense. Maybe you are right in that the extra groups can't be used in siege, who knows. But even if they can be, it would be surprising to see the developers use multiple groups in a siege because it isn't a standard move, and this was a demonstration of siege, so it would be kept fairly straightforward. I occasionally made a bodyguard group in Warband comprised mainly of my companions, but that was only of use in battle. The separate cavalry group was also a slight chore in siege; all it meant was that I had to tell them, as well as the infantry, to stand still while my archers whittled the defenders down a bit. Can you give me an example of what you would do with a special group in siege? The archers' job is to shoot at the enemy on the walls while the infantry attack; I don't see any room for further nuance given that the infantry seem to assign themselves to the various siege engines and ladders.

In Warband I usually fill the different groups with troops for different uses. In order to minimise and direct casualties, I use light, heavy and medium cavalry in different ways. I use light, heavy and medium infantry in different ways. There's a difference between heavy infantry with shields and heavy infantry which don't all have shields. There's a big difference between armoured and unarmoured ranged units. There's a big difference between troops who have blunt weapons and troops who're going to run in with fists or sit there on their horses if I tell them to switch to blunt weapons. Companions are different again. I might be training a bunch of some troop that I don't want for a lord and I will have the exact right number when the last one levels up. I might just want two groups of heavy infantry or two groups of horse-archers so that I can better enclose the enemy. There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to make particular types of group.

If you played sieges in WB, you probably remember that the best approach is not to send anyone up the ladder who isn't a huscarl. That being the case, it would probably be useful in a siege to differentiate huscarls from non-huscarls.
reiksmarshal said:
Great video, BUT here we are again with more gameplay and still no standard bearers in the ranks. Seriously if Bannerlords don't have standard bearers it will be the biggest oxymora in gaming history. 
reiksmarshal said:
Maybe Taleworlds should rename their game to just Lord since there are no standard bearers? oh I have some suggestions!

Lords of no Banners
Bannerless Lords
Lords without Banners
Axe Lords (but you would have to remove all axes from the game)
Sealords (no boats to keep with the theme)

"another day volunteering for the bannerlord alpha. everyone keeps asking me if they can f*** the banner. buddy, they won't even let me f*** it."
To everyone who is saying that the castles are too small. Remember this castle? We will be seeing larger castles in the game, no doubt.
My two cents:

-AI is quite bad, looks like similar to the previous game. Those soldiers stuck at the door froze my blood,hope they will improve pathfinding.

-The Castle is EMPTY, no tables, no chairs,no forniture, rooms, a kitchen, an armory, a stable.. nothing.It is so sad seeing a castle without any trace of daily life.

-Hope you can destroy walls with those siege weapons, not only merlons

Am i in wrong or Capt Lust said the game can handle 500 ai?
Looks lovely, and neatly multi layered.

Only small complaint that I have is a lack of props in the castle and this castle's wall texture's looking plain and almost dull, as if it were imported straight from rawrband.

Mechanics and everything else though, perfect.
I liked the gameplay, but like a lot of other people here on the forums the castle could use some work. Especially now that they have shown off the towns and how filled with life and props those are.

I know this is a bad thing to think, but at least we have a chance that modders can fix some of the issues that we have right now. Again I don't think it's okay for the devs to just say: let the modders fix it. but we know these improvements are coming anyway. (I'm sure there are modders out there to release higher textures of wall and all that and add props to the world.)
whirring said:
-The Castle is EMPTY, no tables, no chairs,no forniture, rooms, a kitchen, an armory, a stable.. nothing.It is so sad seeing a castle without any trace of daily life.

There are buildings against the inner walls of the castle, exactly where you find them in real life. Where would you expect to see kitchens and armouries, in the gatehouse perhaps? Though it might be nice to see a table with cups or board games on it in the gatehouse, perhaps overturned in the rush to get to the battlements. In the courtyard there is a well and archery targets, hay stacks, two carts and wooden debris. If there are stables and kitchens etc. (which there should be, and I hope to see when walking around the castle in peace time), they will be within those buildings around the edge of the walls (kitchens might be in the keep actually).

So many people are fretting about this as if they expected to see a stable boy checking the hooves of a horse, perhaps at the entrance to a stable SLAP BANG IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURTYARD. A washer woman scrubs away at a linen shirt in her wash tub- where? Where else, right in the middle of the courtyard!- tutting as burning thatch is carried into the tub by the wind. Stable boy whistles cheerfully to himself as the battle rages for the walls. A troop of defenders politely asks if he would mind moving the stable out of the way so that they can form a few ranks of men in front of the gates, not to mention it is getting rather burnt by all the fire pots which over shoot the walls, what with it being SLAP BANG IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURTYARD. The stable boy scowls with annoyance (we can have this now because of the animated faces), and grudgingly acquiesces and commandeers a ballista, turning it on the stable.

Hopefully in peace time, when we explore castles, we should see people doing things like cooking or tending to carts and animals. It would be a shame if the developers neglect this, but we cannot expect that based on a siege! Somebody pointed out in the latest blog thread that there is no sign of the village which this castle must be adjacent to/part of. It does seem a little bit strange that the castle is isolated, as if distant from the village. It made me wonder whether village scenes will include the fields and mines in the four plots around them. They would obviously need a way for the scene to change these outer areas automatically each time they were altered on the world map. I do hope we can ride through a village to the castle. I suppose, though, it might tax computers a lot if the whole village was in the scene with hundreds of warriors. Still, there should be something, perhaps just as part of the boundary, indicating the nearby village.
I don't really understand how lack of props may be a major gripe with this video. It wasn't its purpose, Gamescon video was showing off life on the streets and whatnot, this one was about siege deployment and different approaches to breaching the walls. I agree that some guard posts abandoned in haste would be a nice touch, but they'd be exactly that - touch. Which can be added shortly before release when polishing up the scenes.
Please please PLEASE developers tell me you're only using those old voice sounds as a placeholder. It will ruin the game dearly for me if I'm going to have to listen to those tiresome voices all over again.
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