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Both large, medium and small castles/fortresses existed. This discussion is nonsense.
No, that discussion is not nonsense. That discussion is related to a very specific message posted earlier ; and is replying to that message.


Oh god guys whats up?

Its so funny how The Community badmouth about The devs work and end up in The Same  sentence: Okay WHO cares the mod devs will make it ????

Beside I like what I  see. Go on and take all the Bad sentences as suggestions .
kraggrim said:
Narlan said:
Do you want to feel sorry ? :') Click on that link, and look closely to the guy on top of the far right tower. Look closely at him while the catapulte is rotating.

Is this guy going to have his own memorial ? V__V

Look at the same place at 1:50  !


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Game looks great. Although the horse could use some work. Its gallop doesn't feel 'heavy' enough. Seriously excited about this game. Please give some information on multiplayer!



Baron Conrad

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I'm glad the castle is small. You know how total war games have massive castles and walled cities and you only fight on one small side of the fortress? It makes sense to have the fortress sized appropriately for the force strength that the game will depict.



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Creating scenes is pretty time consuming in Warband, can't imagine its much different in Bannerlord. I imagine this is one castle of dozens in the game; if they were to make each one of them huge it would eat a lot of dev time
I liked the part in which javelins fruitlessly bounce off the walls instead of getting stuck in them.
Partizan_Rusi said:

(...) weapons are going through everything like lightsabers and even in doorway you can swing left.
I'm pretty sure that even in that gif there are sparks as sword meets the stone. Although just before this it does, indeed, slash through this dude's helmet and head beneath it.
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