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Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 8 - Engine Power [VIDEO]

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:shock: Absolutely fantastic!!! What a ride!!! Congratulations TaleWorlds!!! Keep the great work!!! I'm going to have this game for sure


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Is it on directx 12    ? 
Meaning does it harness the multi-core aspects of the processor.  ( for more poly count )

If it is done right it could have bigger battles    -  250 soldiers  with smooth performance.    versus 150 ...

I am not thinking extreme big battles -  but bigger battle maps ,  bigger army in general fighting.... a bit more scale  ...  +  40 %  ; 60 % amrys  with double , triple battle maps dimensions.

That would be something to look foward for me.


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They said in this video that they want to have bigger battles than in Warband, so I think we can be confident of that. Back in blog 2 (December 2013), they said that DX11 features were being used, and that we would need at least DX9 to play it. DX12 was apparently only released at the end of July 2015, having been announced in March 2014. So it's been out for less than six months. I don't know how much work it would be for Taleworlds to utilise the abilities of DX12, maybe it won't mean redoing a lot of work.


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I hope so . If bannerlord will be out around winter 2016 - there will be half year  study  for the concepts that it brings    and      1,5 years to have DX 12 as industy standard.  ( so 2 years to work on some aspects of it )

That means even if it is not implemented  in the best posible way - there will be information and case study's by then    that  could  trickle-Down  to taleworld dev  - to have dx12 suppport / what i belive that this type of game needs.  ( as a distinct genre )

Also the game , as it has this modding community  and long life  type of approches and tools  - will problaby be interested to included.  [ for the years ahead ]

The game would be much better with better trees ( as even now are a bit ugly ), more graphical fidelity , poly count , more realistical models  - as it was always a weak part of the game ( more that compensated by the gameplay ) . I like the models , but if there is DX12 maybe there could be  loaded even  better 3D models  from Zbush...and find yourself with a bit better models that  what we seen in the blog movies ( speculating ) . 

[ there is a point were there are diminishing returns for more polycount , but still if the PC can take it , why not !  ]

- but the thing to keep in mind  is that  by increasing the grafical aspect  - we run into performance problems. ( we all now how Rome II went )
And every bit of help is something to search for. 

Better codding / Dx 12 support / more refined engine -  all could make for  game that could be very efficent and have large battles with lots of AI , all kinds of tactics.

They say in some circles that by implementing DX12  -  the procesor could have a x 4 increase in performance by distibuting the task on all 4 cores vs 1 major  ,  x 10 for better polycound calls ...that means more detail enviromnts and models .... by 2016 there will be Stacked Memory in video cards with incredible fill-rate for better textures and post-procesing.

So there are benefits.  So what i am hope-ing : is DX 12 and a even gorgeous game by end of 2016.



This blog is about 5 years old :/

I remember this blog. I can't believe its been that long but it was nice watching the video again.
Phalnax811 said:
This blog is about 5 years old :/

I remember this blog. I can't believe its been that long but it was nice watching the video again.
It's taking so long to release that the engine will be old already haha


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"Old" engines would be those running games like Arma 3 and Skyrim. The engine used in Skyrim was nearly a decade old when the game was released, and the engine for Arma 3 was about twelve years old on release.
The idea of an "engine" being this abstract, unchangeable thing separate from the actual game is kind of silly. Bannerlord's engine has already been updated to a modern standard since an engine is just a bunch of code, and new graphical techniques are often just public domain code snippets. For instance the differences between the Unity engine and Unreal engine are tiny, and they are both at the cutting edge of graphics, despite both being over a decade old. Unreal Engine dates back to 1998.

So long as it is being updated, an engine can't really go "out of date". What can go out of date however is the assets, and a lot of stuff made for bannerlord is still in the warband mindset and looks terrible even alongside other stuff in the game.


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Could we please see one more video about the editor? Or reach it in a limited-edition via by steam's beta files part?
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