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<p>Happy New Year to those operating on the Gregorian Calender and a round, warm hello to all. “Blog!”, they cried and it was written. 2013 has been a year of growth for us at TaleWorlds and with each passing month, work intensifies on Bannerlord. The new year has already started with the achievement of 100,000 likes on our official Facebook page. It feels like a great milestone and we'd like to thank everyone for all the support. Now let us tell you a little bit more about making Bannerlord.</p></br> Read more at:
It might be most appropriate if it was posted in this thread:,249537.0.html and only post in these blog threads if it is related to the subject of the blog. It isn't a big deal though.

As Matiss pointed out, we can already look at a point on the map by holding down F1- a flag appears on the screen and you can position it rapidly with mouse movement. Once it is in the spot you want just release it and the selected group will move there. Also in the party screen (where you upgrade troops and look at companion gear)  you can create new groups, name them, and put different troop types into them (for example have a second archer group or one of Rhodok tribesmen separate from normal infantry group).

There are a lot of people who aren't aware of all the features of the game, probably because many don't have a physical manual, but there is a digital version, a link to which is in this thread:,191455.0.html

Some nice ideas about sieges, I would like to see battering rams especially, shouldn't be hard for them to do.

The title Bannerlord refers to a leader of troops if I remember what the developers said correctly. Still, we may be able to customise flags and banners. I think similar things were requested a lot by players, so they may do this.
Siegbert_von_Meklenburg said:
Sphex96 said:
- God this game looks amazing already!!  :shock:

You think so? At least graphic-wise it looks almost just as Warband which was already dated when it came out... but it sounds interesting

Dude this game is amazing as it is.It doesn't have to be 4k ultra realistic AAA grapichs.
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