Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 4 - Flexible Entries

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<p>Happy New Year to those operating on the Gregorian Calender and a round, warm hello to all. “Blog!”, they cried and it was written. 2013 has been a year of growth for us at TaleWorlds and with each passing month, work intensifies on Bannerlord. The new year has already started with the achievement of 100,000 likes on our official Facebook page. It feels like a great milestone and we'd like to thank everyone for all the support. Now let us tell you a little bit more about making Bannerlord.</p></br> Read more at:
Troops climbing ladders using their arms is a definite plus, also the archer in the second screen actually leaning right over the parapet to get a shot down, not clear if the siege tower still moves by itself as in Warband? or if there's guys behind it, on the not so plus those two screens look waaay too much like Warband.
I like how in the first picture the guys in the group are wearing a bunch of varied armors rather than all the same.

Also I hope that they will fix the defensive ladder blob seen in picture 2. But again, it is a work in progress.
No total war game looks better than Warband, they have nice textures but the models are much less. Total war also does its combat by dice rolls accompanied by animations when you zoom in, but they don't really correspond most of the time to who is dying. In M&B its not dice rolls, the game is calculating every single fight physically by each sword swing and block, a soldier doesnt die by a dice number, he dies if he fails to block and an axe goes through his skull, this takes far more processing power. And with so many bots/players on screen, you can't have amazing super modern graphics.

That said i think Bannerlord looks good, realism in graphics isn't everything, the textures and details look crisp and sharp, and it looks like it will give high FPS, i dont care how good something looks when its under 30fps it feels like crap.

Another great feature would be the possibility to use siege-machine!

And i know this is not a proper historical accurate game, but quivers in medieval times were hanged to the side!  :mrgreen:
twdd_04_aserai_siege_1.jpg, eh? What's aserai? Another faction? or it's just the name of a castle or something.
Graphics shouldn't be 1st priority, but sure an improvement is certainly good. For me, the fluid and dynamic personal combat was what draw me to M&B (later historical/fantasy mods). Seeing it expanded with more possibilities and better realism would be my 1st priority.
hunutteri said:
twdd_04_aserai_siege_1.jpg, eh? What's aserai? Another faction? or it's just the name of a castle or something.
Probably just the castle name.


Also, with one man abreast per ladder, the ability to have multiple ladders would be cool.
hunutteri said:
twdd_04_aserai_siege_1.jpg, eh? What's aserai? Another faction? or it's just the name of a castle or something.

-i is an eastern(Persian ? Arabic ? both ?) suffix of belonging, considering Battanian and Khuzait also sounds like faction names, I think Aserai is a faction name.
What I always hated about the kite shields and board shields in Warband is that these shields were carried in a wrong position:


This should be the right position of the shield:


I think that the title of the blog is a feature itself...flexible entries. In scening, entries are the ways where your troops spawn on the battlefield, each having a function. The problem with Warband is that those entries are pre-made, so the siege always goes like the same: one fixed attacker point and another one for defences. But the word "flexible", gives me the clue that we'll be able to choose our spawn locations, and this idea is fueled by the two types of siege methods together in one scene (ladder and siege tower). I think this definition applies well here.

On the technical part, the scene we see there, in my opinion, was made purely for testing out some mechanics. It's so clear by only looking at it.
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