Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 15 - Valuable Relationships

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<p>Greetings all and thanks for making your way over to our 15th Development Blog. It's been a little while since we updated the blog, but we've been hard at work on the game and we're excited to talk a little about something we've been working on recently.</p>
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Why are you guys talking in a 3 year old thread?
Because Bannerlord is timeless. What's the difference between 3-week old and 3-year old thread.

Jokes aside, someone may have returned because he had a comment input on the thread topic (as individual devblogs focus on different things).


Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“While we do not have a set date for a full release at this moment in time, we expect that the game will be in early access for around a year. Our focus is on ensuring that the game is fun and enjoyable rather than imposing a deadline that might have a negative impact on the final product.”

That's a good thing. This gives the devs tens of thousands of testers playing their game and pointing out the problems and we can give our feedback on what direction the game should take.

Why are you guys talking in a 3 year old thread?
Much better to reuse a thread than to create a hundred of them all about the same topic.
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