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<p>Fans of the Mount&Blade series and passing readers, this blog is intended as a source of insight to our world of game development and the TaleWorlds family. Our offices are a series of rooms on a long corridor. Each room physically hosts a different team with a different focus, mirroring our actual team based development structure. This week's blog will discuss the artists' team, known to us as artist takimi (Turkish).</p></br> Read more at:


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Nice, the faces are a massive improvement.

Will this in any way effect the FPS though?


You know, this board was almost in numerical order until you had to come along and move Blog #1 up to the top. Now it's all out of whack.

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JamesThompson said:
Nice, the faces are a massive improvement.

Will this in any way effect the FPS though?

I don't think it should do. Textures tax the graphics card rather than the CPU, and unless they are too much for your card's RAM to load at once, then they won't affect FPS. Remember also that they remade the game to tailor it to their current needs (as opposed to just trying to adapt a modified M&B/Warband base), and in the editor video (blog eight) they stated a goal of improving graphics and animations without reducing performance or gameplay. Whilst one can expect the game to require better hardware than the minimum requirements for Warband, we can also be hopeful that the new minimum spec won't be a huge step up.
Ahhh this thread is where it all began...
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