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<p>Fans of the Mount&Blade series and passing readers, this blog is intended as a source of insight to our world of game development and the TaleWorlds family. Our offices are a series of rooms on a long corridor. Each room physically hosts a different team with a different focus, mirroring our actual team based development structure. This week's blog will discuss the artists' team, known to us as artist takimi (Turkish).</p></br> Read more at:


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+1 Looks awesome, great job all you lot over at Taleworlds

Also Captain Lust is Doctor Who: 
Captain Lust said:
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The game, it cometh.



Oh wow, that wip picture looks amazing. Hope you don't mind I quoted it here, no intention of taking away views from the blog, but I like to be able to show what I'm talking about :razz: That BL fellow looks really realistic. Massive amount of details (and the cheek looks bumpmapped?)


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Looks wonderful. :s

Can't wait... So many things coming out soon and I have nothing to play right now... I guess it's time to do some work. :s


Oh hell, that's awesome!
I'll hope you will add some DLCs like napoelonic wars with realistic single-player campaigns, based on the 19th century warfare and military campaigns, cuz in that time politic and warfare were comeplete different things...

what's that? I see a ww1/ww2 or some 20th century soldier on the board! please make ww1 (but hold your focus on medieval themed game)


This is the only game i am looking for  :shock: Nice job .

I have few concerns i hope you guys won`t mind :

1- I hope the animation and sounds ( espiclay music ) get a huge improvement .

2- The gameplay , Please tell me the Single player is your focus guys  . Cause we need a lot of things added in the singleplayer mode i.e more army mangement , improving on how you order your troops in the middle on the combat , pre battle preparation , and also making more events and quests and more freedom .

Thanks guys and i hope we will hear more from you =) .
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