Mount&Blade from GOG using wrong font, trying to restore original.

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Hello there.

I recently bought the original 2008 Mount&Blade from, having tried to reinstall my TaleWorlds purchased version from a decade ago to find it no longer able to run on my new PC.
Upon opening the game I'm met with the usual M&B Mordred font no longer being in place where text would be displayed as I'm used to seeing. Instead, I'm greeted by this.. frankly horrible blocky typewriter lookalike font:


Going further ingame, the font continues to rear its ugly head across the map, of particular note making it very difficult to see the white/grey text of the training field and bandit group numbers on the snowy parts of the map:


And the combat feed is something to behold, the block lettering serving to make the feed appear much larger than it should:

I have not modified the game in any way, this is simply how it came upon download.

I'm here now trying to see if anyone knows if it's possible to restore the original Mordred font found in the original Mount&Blade and Warband as I remember it. I've searched through both GOG's forums and this one trying to find a solution or even the slightest mention of anyone attempting to correct this issue with no luck, the Mount&Blade subreddit didn't have anything on it either.

I attempted to transplant the font file from my non-launching TaleWorlds downloaded copy of the game into the GOG version, though the results ended up looking like this:

I'm sorry if I've posted this issue in the wrong area. I debated on posting this in Technical Support instead, however seeing as this isn't an issue preventing the game from running, just making the game ugly as sin, I figured this board would be more appropriate.

Thank you for your time.
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