Resolved Mount&Blade 1.011 keeps crashing on Windows 10

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I heard Windows 10 is very good for games but it doesn't seem to be the case in my game.
I haven't tried native. I tried to play modules.
Those modules worked just fine when I had my XP back in the day and still worked okay when I had Windows 7.
Windows 7 already caused some regular crashes in mod War of The Third Coalition and they were really annoying sometimes, but you could have played in spite of them.
It was mostly crashes when manually saving the game.
Now, on Windows 10, the game can freeze on the map screen or after entering the battle when the troops start fighting.

So the game works.
But it loves to freeze/crash.
And that's in spite of the fact that my PC is far better than it used to be when I never had any crashes.

Are there any patches fixing that problem?
Be it Windows 10 or Mount&Blade patches?
I used to play 1.011 without Steam, now I am playing on steam.
I don't think it makes any difference though.

I tried changing D9 to D7, lower the graphics etc.
It does work.
Though this isn't fool proof and the game is at risk of crashing in certain scenes or in certain battles.
Especially with battle sizer on.
Not to mention that playing on 10% texture details settings isn't the prettiest experience.

My question is:
Has any of you had this problem and found a solution?
Warband works wonders no matter the settings or size of the battle.
1.011 which doesn't require a 20 year-old PC doesn't.

Thanks for reading.

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We are aware of this issue for the original Mount & Blade. But the Steam version of the game works without a problem on Windows 10.


Is it the modules that are the problem then?
Because I own a steam version of the game and the problem persists when playing modules.

MArdA TaleWorlds

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I am able to launch and play the game unmodded on Windows 10. Please note that we are not responsible for any problems that can happen with modifications.


But why is there no troubles at all on Windows XP and rarely any trouble on Windows 7, while on Windows 10 crashes are two a penny?


Then I guess Direct7 and 10% texture details is the only way to go now.
Or it's time to get win xp next to my win 10.

Though I wish they would take a look at it and made 1.011 compatible with newer systems.
Or at least attempted to do something and see if it is even possible.

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Don't hold me on this, but I have read somewhere that the original M&B favours one particular graphic card over the others. It was infuriating for a few people at the time because powerful PCs back then would have trouble running the game or they'd have poorer performances than expected and no one was really sure why. So it may be that you don't have a graphic card which is well supported by the game.
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