Mount and Blade: Warband ( Tocans Caladria Problem? ) CRASHING

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I had this problem once in normal Warband where the rgl_config had to be deleted so my game wouldn't crash right on start up, but after I deleted it, it was all fine from there. My friend was telling me about Clash of Kings and I wanted to get something like it, but not as intense because my PC can't run it well, so I got the 'Tocans Caladria' mod.

Ever since I got the mod I would have to open the launcher, then go into Documents/MountandBladeWarband folder and delete the rgl_config. It keeps popping up and if I don't delete it, it doesn't let me play the game.

Overall, I just want to open up the launcher and launch the game without deleting that config all the time then tweaking my settings back to the way it was originally.

( My game is a non-steam game and I launch it through steam, will that be the problem? Didn't affect it before the mod )
Hi KingRagnar,

Unfortunately I don't have an answer for this unless I script a launcher myself for you(I don't have the time right now to do it). The only thing I can say is go to this developer's website of this mod and contact this person. He should be cabable of fixing it as I'm sure you're not the only one having this problem.
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