mount and blade warband serial key problem

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hello i was able to play warband and napolionic wars multiplayer normal but today each time i join a server i get kicked i have looked online and its a problem with my serial key and i dont know how i can change serial keys and do i have to pay for it
No, it is not a problem with your serial key, but rather with your connection; check whether it is stable and does not cause pauses in data stream.
No my internet is fine
Theoretically, it is possible that your issue is caused by a 'faulty' key. If you are using one which has been published with other leaked/ stolen/ otherwise illegally obtained keys and subsequently banned by TaleWorlds, it possible that you keep being disconnected from game servers by the Master Server. Make sure to acquire a legit serial key in order to play the game. You can obtain one on, for instance, Steam or GOG.
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