Mount and Blade Warband for the Mac!

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You'll probably have a much better time with the game if you either use PaulTheTall's Warband (he has Napoleonic wars too), or purchasing it on Steam! They're both mac friendly and don't require a virtual machine.
Holding ctrl and spacebar together speeds up movement for me.

crtl spacebar only speeds up time when I stand still. I can't find anything that speeds up the movement of my character.


Movement problem!


I am sorry to create a new post about this because I have to believe that someone else has had this same problem and gotten a reply, but I can't seem to find an exact match for my issue.

My problem: when I use my arrow keys to move my character on the map, the game hitches every two seconds and freezes for about a half second. I don't think it is an FPS problem because this does not happen when I am riding a horse at top speed because I don't need to use the movement keys. Weirdly, it also almost completely vanishes when I am keeping my shield up. Despite that, it makes the game basically unplayable.

I have tried:
-Deleting and reinstalling the game
-Turning down all graphic options to the lowest settings (According to the launcher, the game should be running at 142% optimization)
-I have not been successful in implementing single threading because there is no M&B file in my documents, nor is there an option in the launcher on the mac version. I am also not sure whether this would make any difference.

I am running the game on a Macbook Air with an intel Core i5.
Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB

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