Mount and Blade Warband for the Mac!

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Hi Paul,

I'm soooooo incredibly happy you got warband on a mac!
Few years ago my laptop crashed and i bought a mac so i realised i couldn't play m&b anymore...
Thanks for this awesome port!!!  :grin:


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This might sound like an odd question but how would I go about installing the Napoleonic Wars DLC if I have previously purchased it over Steam? I can get the CD keys from my Windows laptop but I can't find any way to obtain the installer without purchasing it again.

Thanks in advance.


Hey there!

I'm from Poland and I've allready dowload the M&B Warband for mac, but I have a really big problem :sad: The serial key that is needed to activate the game must be like:
and I have my serial like:
I don't know, do anyone have the same problem? I bought the game in a box in one of the first days from the game premiere in Poland and I have already played it on the windows and it was ok.
Please help me as fast as you can, cu'z maybe serial-key is something else then product-key? If this is true, where can I find it?

PS: Sorry for my bad english, but I'm not very good at it :wink:

@MOD: Ok, I think I found the serial key in the Steam window, but there is another problem :/ When the window with the serial key is opened I'm getting message: "Requesting key..." but there are no key there. I was waiting for an hour and still nothing :sad: Please help if you have had the same problem or if you know how to solve the problem.

@MOD2: It's ok for now, it was just about that to steam that I should log from windows PC :wink:


Hadrial said:
I am soooooo incredibly happy you have done this, only one problem...
I can't get my CD key off of Steam, I am stuck on "requesting key" !

As a poor student I can't afford to buy a gamersgate copy just to get another key, are there any ways to get Steam to give me my key?


Same here. I really hope something works. I've been trying for a day and nothing happened.


this is legit -
but i have a question, for alot of these games the dmg file still needs the original install or wat?
and also do all mods work just by dragging them into the contents of the game's package or wat?



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Well, you can install steam in the wrapper and login, then add the game with the serial or if its already there on your account install it. Haven tested the steam game though.


Mr. The Tall, I have a question about modification, as it is not adressed on your website. I am attempting to use a mod for Warband produced by popular Minecraft map maker 'Vechs'. On my Windows computer the game was simple to modify, however it seems impossible to do so with traditional methods on your lovely port. The mod is a native file that is supposed to be placed within the mods folder of the game files, a folder that I cant figure out how to access. If this kind of mod is supported, please let me know.


Dear mr Paul,

You rock! :smile:
Thanks a lot for making a stable working port, including a video on your website.

That was it :smile:

Rouge Jesus

Hey, shout out to Paul the Tall for hooking me up with Mount and Blade: Warband on the Mac :grin:.  I have a question for you though Mr. Tall.  Are there any mods we can get as of right now for your Mac version?  And where can I get some of those?


Thank you very much, Sir Paul, for bringing me all the way out here from my humble desperation for a Napoleonic game eight long months ago!


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Hello guys,

I hope i am posting on the right thread !

I have a question. I am also running mount & blade warband on paul's wrapper under diplomacy and conquer mod. I have the problem where after a few days ammo, boots, gloves, all these little things disappear from shops.

So my question is:
Does anyone know what keys activate the cheat menu on mac (macbook pro 13") ?
Because there items i really want to buy and there is no other way since they are not in the shops :xf-mad:

I have looked through every forum posts about windows cheatmenu but I cannot seem to find any way to open the console to get the cheatmenu !!! :sad:

Thanks in advance.


Now, what do I do with my 6x4 steam code since I can't manage to get the game to run via Steam?  I've spent over 6 hours trying to get it to work.
Hey. Just wondering if anyone has a link to a website where I can get mods for the Mac version of Warband. I run the actual mac version as the wine one is just extremely slow for some reason (I can run it on the highest quality on my Mac version but cant run it on the lowest off wine  :cry:)


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thatweirdkiid said:
Hey. Just wondering if anyone has a link to a website where I can get mods for the Mac version of Warband. I run the actual mac version as the wine one is just extremely slow for some reason (I can run it on the highest quality on my Mac version but cant run it on the lowest off wine  :cry:)

There is a mac version for warband ? Really ?
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