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When riding a horse, the player's horse should retain some of its momentum even if colliding with an ally. I've always found that to be a big annoyance in Warband, and looking at the Bannerlord footage it seems the problem still persists. You're riding your horse at full speed, hit an ally and instantly stop. That doesn't feel good.

I suggest that the player's horse should instead slow down a little bit and slide off to the side, retaining some of its momentum.



- more intricate affairs/lord relations/basards - OK
- hiding in forests - OK
- honor guard - AKA body guards? IIRC, it's already in, andhey follow you in some missions.

- dual-wileding batleaxes - NO

Lord Brutus

Well, there's still plenty of time.  Bannerlord is not in the final stages yet.  Pity the OP; he crashed and burned four years ago.  :lol:


ChaosDragonBorn said:
I want to add to this
-More impactful cavalry charge (I want to see people flying)
-The ability to build up your own encampment or settlement like in Viking Conquest
- Decapitations
people don't go flying when cavalry hit them. thats not how physics works. you get SLAMMED IMMEDIATELY into the ground.
Grimaldus said:
ChaosDragonBorn said:
I want to add to this
-More impactful cavalry charge (I want to see people flying)
-The ability to build up your own encampment or settlement like in Viking Conquest
- Decapitations
people don't go flying when cavalry hit them. thats not how physics works. you get SLAMMED IMMEDIATELY into the ground.
That is too boring for a video game, and plus they actually do have  impactful charges if you didn't see the new videos. The horses finally look like they have weight behind them.


Sergeant Knight
How about knighthood?
Simply having a banner and being considered noble simply because of an arbitrary amount of renown seems silly.
Traditionally someone had to do some deed and be knighted before they were no longer considered common.


I will be brief, so as to maximize the odds that busy individuals (i.e., developers with timetables) may glean the most benefit from this.

I feel that M&B 2 could gain a great deal of depth if it incorporated ideas from a wonderful game from 1989 entitled "Sword of the Samurai" (hereafter, "SotS").  In some ways I think that the developers already did this when they made the original M&B games, but there are more ideas that could be considered.  The ideas that I feel would be a great deal of fun incorporated into M&B would be the kinds of interactions (mostly the nefarious ones) that you can have with other vassals.  Specifically, in SotS you had the option of traveling the game map in one of three ways: 1) at the head of your army, 2) alone, or 3) disguised as a poor ronin.  Upon arriving at another vassal's estate, your options depended upon your choice of how you left your own estate.  If you are disguised as a poor ronin, then you have all kinds of fun options upon arriving at the vassal's estate: you could do a mini-game to execute the local tax collector which, if you were successful, could incite local rebellions from the peasants, and bring both dishonour (used similarly as "reputation" in M&B) AND weaken his army.  If you decided to sneak INSIDE the vassal's estate, you had the option of either kidnapping a family member for ransom, or you could attempt to assassinate the lord himself.  Note that you could execute these actions against vassals of your own faction (if you wanted to do plays for power), or they could be vassals of a different faction.  The choice was yours.  One of the really cool things to keep in mind is that other vassals could and WOULD do the same to you!  Sometimes you would find yourself sleeping in your estate and you would be awoken by shouts and it would put you into a mini-game in which you have to either save your family member from being kidnapped, or yourself from being assassinated.  It would often come down to a final duel between you and your potential assailant (itself its own type sword fighting duel mini-game), and sometimes you would be heartbroken to find that the assailant was someone whom you thought was an ally, but wanted to take you down/out for their own advancement! 

For 1989, SotS was (in my opinion) an incredible game, and it certainly has many wonderful elements that could be incorporated into M&B in a manner that would add an IMMENSE layer of engagement, immersion, and fun.  I would urge the developers to please consider adding (more?) elements from this classic game into M&B 2, if they haven't already.
It's a small thing but I'm gonna share it. If it was posted by another and there is a deleting option, I'll remove this one.

All about laying siege

When we lay siege on a castle and the siege tower is complete and we are battling the enemy... there should be an option to recruit all the prisoners who has been prisoned in the castle we laid siege. But there should be persuasion/speech check to convince them because some/all/none of them may be just peasants. Prisoners who are within the same faction as yours, they should not need a speech check. Prisoners who are within the faction that is your another enemy, need a strong speech check, and when the battle is done and they live, their relations with your faction should increase, also gain honor depending on your choices of dialogue. Prisoners who are just peasants can be released or told to fight alongside you. But if told to fight, you might lose some honor because you're asking people with no fighting skills to fight and die. If they are released, their villages might give you better deal when trading and/or more men might be willing to join you when recruting.

That's all I can think of. Just improvise. I hope every aspect of the game is detailed to the atom.
Not Sure if this topic is still active but there is an idea was going up in my head and would be a very cool feature I think;

Mortal Lords and Kings

This might be an option in the game menu for much more challenging gameplay for who wishes for and also much more realistic, with that option when we or other lords capture an enemy lord there will be an option to kill him but there will be so much diplomatic drawbacks.
At first the lord's faction will be permanently closed to you, you won't ever be able to join them or go in their cities castles etc even in peace times.
Then if the lord has any familly members they will be directly enemy to you this will increase from closer familly members like wife, father, mother, to uncle etc closer the familly member is much more relationship penality will occur but they wont be able to attack you in peace times of course but in war you will be their 1st target (also this option will make you able to die aswell forgot to mention) and also there might be some assassination attempts too.
But what if the lord you killed has fief? Then the fief will go to must reowned familly member as a heritage but if lord has no familly member able to take a fief? then the fief will be natural and king of the nation will give it to one lord just like a normal fief
Now the King part thats a little interesting.
When you killed the leader of a faction this will force that faction to retreat and go in a defensive station like hiding in their castles etc and after some game days weeks or months they will choose a new king for the faction. They will choose the most reowned and strong lord as king(for example for Swadia Klargus is usually second guy after Harlaus in case of Harlaus's death he will be the new king but you never know of course) the King's death only happens if we decide to because other lords never will be brave enough to do that(joking, just to dont break the game with a new king every week) also other lords only kill another lord if his relation with that lord is low enough or if he is a traitor in the same meaning lords who is really low relation with you will want to kill you aswell and for the King's death if you choose to kill a king this will end your relation with that faction you will be in black list for that faction and all the lords belongs to that nation will try to hunt you if they are able to of course(they won't suicide attack your 200 man army) I thought about that because in Warband it is sometimes really annoying there a little cockroaches like lords with 30 20 man armies burning your villages and coming back over and over again after you defeat them and this might be very pleasing to able finish them permanently
There might even option to execute the lord in your city or town if you have, this might give you reown and relation with your nation or with that city like respect you know to show the world to dont **** with you
For last there might be even very little chance to kill a lord during battlefeilds aswell like %1-%5 chance with death blows, higher the damage more chance to kill.


I love every single one of your ideas, in your list, there are many things I've been wishing to be applied in this game for years. To be precise, what I found really useful and innovative was the "TIME" topic. I Can't avoid feeling weird because of the extremely slow pass of time. It's bothering and far more boring. Besides, are you telling me that you can rebuild a bfallen empire in a couple of years? And is it really necessary to put all the day phases when it would be perfect with the classic day/night system? As you said, Calradia becomes much smaller.

Another point is succession. I would buy the game again just because of these. I don't want Bannerlord to become another Crusader Kings 2. But I find it cumpolsory if we talk about medieval society, and also it would allow us to appreciate a real evolution in our game. As I Said, Calradia Becomes too little, and once you've conquered everything... what? Exactly, we need to develope other kind of game modes. I Know that it is a battle strategy game, focused on war and I love it. But there are many ways to appreciate the medieval society.

To sum up, I couldn't agree more with your list, and I think once the time system is changed, the permanent character's death is enabled and also some other features, this game will overcome any Total War or Paradox Entertainment game. 


Hi everyone. Made a few suggestions in the past, but i couldn´t stay tuned to the forum, so I´m not sure if this suggestions I´m making now, were alreade made by some other people. If that´s the case, sorry in advance.  :fruity:

Very quick:

-Auto-feed troops  Or add skill `Cook´ so the player or an NPC can do it: It´s boring go from town to town looking for food.
-Auto-Buy food. Or add skill `Hunt´ so can get some food regulary for free: You should be able to find some food outside town.
-Be abble to lower inneficiency taxes somehow: Hire people to rule cities, or NPC´s.
-An easier way to move troops inside the group, or when leaving guards in a town or casttle: Sometimes gets tricky for no reason.

-When you are your own faction: An easier and quicker way to see all feud´s owner, not only when you conquer one: You have to go to Factions/Every Lord/ to check their feuds in order to know who to give to every feud you dind´t conquer on your own.

-In Battlefield: Lords can pick empty horses. Or troops, when retreat, can take empty horses to scape: Sometimes, many horses alive an people running by their side.
-Lower banditts spawning rate, so you can `clean´ a land for a time. Or add them as `faction´ in politics, so you can interact with them.
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