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Lugo said:
A new archery system, i have always feared the archers with my life, unless i had a board shield, because no armor can protect you from a short bow, not even plate, you will probably die at most in three shots if it hits your armoured parts, usually you die in like two and i have always found it weird that community was alright with it, i suppose to stop the two handed superiority they were alright with it. That is why i hope that one handed weapons and shields get more power in Bannerlord, a bit tired to see two handed weapons streamroll anything, if they were so good they wouldn't have used sword and shield so much back then you know.

Either way, for now i feel like bannerlord needs more physics and better hitboxes, so people cannot just spaz out like they were on excessive amount of crack, you can call it skill, but i call it a bit of an exploit, that is why duels end so quickly.

But my biggest suggestion would be to increase the hitpoints, after playing this game for 4.697 hrs, i feel like you just die a bit too quick and thus even massive battles end in like 20 seconds at most, unless the team retreats. Getting two shot by a short bow or getting two hit by an arming sword through your mail armor always pissed me off, i want to trust my armour at certain situations and that might sound bad but i just feel like health or armour is a bit lacking.

Most of what you describe just sounds like you want even more fluff to compensate for your lack of skill, or as you call it EXPLOITING. That's where you lost all credit calling people exploiters who are good at duels. If it was such an exploit I think Taleworlds woulda changed some things over the many years the game has been out. Ridiculous.


Here are some ideas that would make the game, especially the battles, both more fun and realistic. And these are easy to implement too. Just do it and the world will be a better place :smile:

1) In WB you could easily become overpowered in combat as a mounted lancer even with the max difficulty settings. If fighting as infantry was made more rewarding, the game would be both more fun and realistic. Historically, cavalry charges were high-risk endeavors that depended on suitable terrain, well-trained horses, good morale, etc. to achieve the intended impact. When these conditions did not come together, even the best knights frequently dismounted and fought on foot. So

- More infantry should use spears as their first weapon, they should always use it against charging cavalry, and not break formation unless absolutely necessary. (The Viking Conquest DLC made a good job in this, why not imitate?)

- Dramatically decrease the trust damage of lances when they are not couched, and also make them prone to breaking upon impact sometimes.

- Introduce a probability (inverse to the quality of the horse) that horses decelerate/turn away when facing infantry in formation (especially when you are not part of a barrage of cavalry riding close to each other in formation)

2) Fighting with a two-handed sword seems the most fun weapon for most players, as one can tell from the multiplayer battles. So make it more rewarding to use it. Again this would be realistic too. Knights with the best resources and training tended to rely on full (mail and then plate) armor and a two-handed sword, doing away with the shield. So,

- Make armors more resistant to one-handed swords and to swing (cut) damage in general.

3) Another reason why battles can become too easy in WB is that the AI didn’t care about taking down the commander any more than they care about taking down a random peasant archer. This is outrageous.

- Make the morale of the army depend on the performance of their commander and any participating lords, letting it change during the battle. If the commander falls, the troops panic. If the commander takes down many enemies himself, the troops hearten. Take a page from the Total War series.

- Make sure the AI values targeting the enemy commander and any lords much more than targeting regular soldiers.

- Make sure that when you personally take down an enemy lord, he doesn’t simply appear “managed to escape” in the after-battle screen.

4) The battles would become strategically more meaningful if withdrawal was more rewarding and desertion of AI-controlled troops (due to low morale) was a thing.

- Introduce a time limit by which the attacking party should destroy the enemy. Failing that, the remaining troops of the defending party can withdraw with few additional (automatic) casualties, finding themselves at some distance from the attacking party on the campaign map afterwards.

- Introduce more terrain features (swamps etc) on the campaign map that create chocking points where one can practically impose a battle on an unwilling party. Introduce more interesting terrain features in battle maps too.

- With these changes, I can envision many different kinds of battles. At some occasions you’ll just hope to survive by making good use of the battle terrain and then withdraw. At other occasions, when you are somewhat outnumbered, you’ll throw yourself to the front hoping to take down the enemy commander to turn a likely defeat to a great victory, etc. We could have quests in which you have to face a significantly overwhelming enemy so that you can capture a particular lord, or so that the enemy is weakened before your suzerain’s main army attacks, etc.

I suppose these would be fundamental improvements in the battle system that few would object, are mostly easy to implement, and some (like the battle time limit) could be turned off if desired.

In short, make lances less effective when not couched, swing damage less powerful against armor (thus making dismounted and 2-handed fighting more rewarding); and introduce battle timer, in-battle morale and intuitive withdrawal options (thus making commanders/lords much more highly valued in battle). It would be the best game ever, and more realistic too.
Wow Will! I really liked a lot of your ideas, and would love to see them added.
I also have a suggestion.... Co-Op. I am aware how many times this has been suggested, But it is still a really awesome connect. I mean, who doesn't want to go to battle with their friends, conquer castles, and rule the world! (Probably everyone)
So I already created a thread for my idea, should I link it or just copy and paste the idea here?


This game will make my computer overheat above and beyond!
~ I love it ~  :lol:
But I seriously hope we can have battles with thousands of troops (just for extra la- I mean realism)
And something I was seriously dissapointed about, was the lack of a co-op campaign mode.

(so yah, please add  :eek:)
Dawnfire said:
And something I was seriously dissapointed about, was the lack of a co-op campaign mode.

(so yah, please add  :eek:)
What do you think of this idea for Co-Op?,352795.msg8479102.html#msg8479102


I really hope they add all these suggestions, one that I would love the most is a multiplayer campaign, maybe like a private one with like 10 friends? But I hope it's not Co-op, because I would love to have one of my friends backstab another one and fight for the rule of Calradia. [ :roll:] Kind of like a paradox multiplayer game, except a bit more stable.
vigerus said:
I really hope they add all these suggestions, one that I would love the most is a multiplayer campaign, maybe like a private one with like 10 friends? But I hope it's not Co-op, because I would love to have one of my friends backstab another one and fight for the rule of Calradia. [ :roll:] Kind of like a paradox multiplayer game, except a bit more stable.
Backstabbing is the best part!
But fighting together, coming to each others rescue would also be amazing.


Hello, I think it would be very cool for bannerlords to have some kind of execution options. For example, you may choose to publicly hang a traitor or a prisoner. The way I would like to see it is that once you choose to execute a person, you can choose to either behead them infront of the city, or hang them or something. And maybe you can order someone to do it and you get to see it, or you can cut the ropes/ behead yourself.. Just an idea.


Sergeant Knight
Since I've always like the idea of being a mercenary I would like to see an expansion on the idea of mercenaries and mercenary companies.
I'd like to see the option to actually create a mercenary company with their own fort/castle and send them out to fight for pay.

Also the idea of fighting other such companies and killing off the competition would be awesome.


I would like it if they added coding to support the modification of the jump height,


Texture Variants for Armors(Optional for mod makers)


Is this forum still active? cause i wanna make a suggestion for m&b bannerlord, and how i do that, cause i dont find a menu about that. Thanks..


How about being able to drill your army. So if you want a complex formation maneuver you can already have it saved, I imagine it being a step by step process: you would position you men in certain areas and save it as a phase.
For example
I move my cavalry to the flanks of my army, I then save this as my first phase.
I then make the cavalry charge or move somewhere, and save as phase 2
I then charge my infantry in formation then save as phase 3.

I'd prefer if you could plan this from a birds eye view, maybe like totally realistic battle simulator in terms of placing men into blocks on a grid. This could be done by going to a practice area and planning formations and phases as previously mentioned.
Just a thought, thanks.
Woah, ...these ideas are amazing. I hope you come back to the community because you have some great ideas for the game.
And these posts are very well organized and well though out.  I hope the Devs read this thread.
I want to add to this
-More impactful cavalry charge (I want to see people flying)
-The ability to build up your own encampment or settlement like in Viking Conquest
- Decapitations


What if a player can play as a squire to get stronger. Also titles looks cool. For an example I can be a knight as well as a Lord up to King or queen. I do hope you guys read this :smile:
It would be cool if their was more ways to tank someone's influence. Such as politics options. Depending on skills like intelligence and persuasion and things like that to undermine the authority of a lord. And even take some of that influence for yourself. Basically playing politics. But in the form of gameplay, it could be anything from paying someone to spread gossip and slander, to manipulating others lords into slandering a target and promoting you. 

Ki-Ok Khan

Quadsatv said:
Can we get online co op map game play with 2 or more players?

RPS: A cooperative campaign is a holy grail for a lot of Mount & Blade fans. Is it a possibility?

Yavuz: It’s very difficult to do, not just because of the technical difficulty, but also to make things practically playable when we have two people doing wildly different things in real-time. One player might be trying to have a very exciting battle that is the climax of a very important experience, and one player just beforehand decides to go to town and look at the marketplace. These people have to be in the same gameworld and it’s very difficult to make sure that they’re both enjoying themselves and all having a great campaign experience simultaneously. It’s almost impossible without cutting down on what the game offers.

There may be another way to manage all of those things, by limiting the co-op to one kind of campaign. Let people play together as a party and have them always be together. That might be possible and that may be the the only kind of co-op that we can deliver. It’s something we’re experimenting with and that we have worked on. We’ll only officially announce something if we can make it 100% efficient and fun to play though.

Source :

Also see ;


Just a random thought, off of my head, if the map still ran in real-time, while the people were in towns and stuff, wouldn't that alleviate the problem.
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