Most memorable moment you had in MM

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10-0 victory over the 1st KGL and 1st RHG - now the 91st - many moons ago. My third or fourth linebattle on this game... An amazing time and very memorable for me.
Treble said:
That 84e/92nd charge was sexy.

My best moment was on House 1, on offical, i defended my cannon with a butterknife getting 11 kills :wink:
i killed 3 grenadiers (not sure what reg) and 2 line with a butter knife as a jager befor blugeoning an officer to death with my rifle in a line battle (its a quick weapon and if your half decent its prety good)
Was on Official server.
Wooden Fort map.

Team was loosing round after round and the opponent team rushed at us with more and more confidence each time.

Last round most of us hid behind tents as the enemy charged again.
We all charged at the same time like a tidal wave.
The enemy stopped, faltered and fled. Looked soooo good.

Can't remember who won that round, but that charge was great.
The 6e dragoons were fighting some regiment, can't remember which one.

We charged the enemy line, and shortly afterwards Yuki told us to retreat.
We did, but he got demounted. He managed to get away, and the enemies were either reloading or decided not to waste a volley on a single man.

Anyway, being a worthy soldier, I turned my horse around around and when I got to Yuki I got off my horse and gave it to him.
He thanked me, and I ran to the nearby woods. I actually managed to get a kill or two from there, with the enemy ignoring me.

True story.
My most memorable moment was the time when I was playing on the map with the long wooden/rope bridge crossing the huge water filled ditch. Two soldiers were locked in a evenly matched close combat battle, when one managed to kick the other off the bridge. I had my gun raised while watching them so I thought I might aswell take a pot shot at the guy falling, and I hit him square in the head and he fell to the bottom of the canyon as a lifeless body

Ah.. I'll never forget that day. *Lights pipe and takes a big puff*
Megaberna said:
Hey guys.

I was wondering what was your most memorable moment you had since you play MM.

One time the 92nd and the 84e (while in the linebattle against the4pp) lined up together and made an awesome bayonet charge against the enemies line.

and go to 7:20

It was epic :wink:

yes really cool i remember :wink: Juhis5 with the banner and suvived!

we do such charges sometimes on 84e Sunday LBs (here i fail at the end with colum hit ^^)
I had a great few matches yesterday on the 84e siege server, especially on the desert fort map (the map with an inner and outer fort, each sat upon a crag, and connected by a wooden bridge). I was playing on the attacking side, and the enemy kept sending harassing raids on our artillery near the spawn, often as many as 6 men attacking us at a time, and we fought them in the streets and at the cannon embrasures. It added a lot of fun to the rounds (I do like that map a lot as it is). I can't remember all the raiders' names but much of the time they included a small group by the name of Schatt-something.
My most memorable moment so far is killing 3-4 1er grenadiers by myself, probably got lucky and got most of them by surprise seeing as everyone else got gunned down, almost got the captain.
My most memorable moment was my very first Public NA linebattle, obviously as a pub and probably the 2nd time at that point I started playing the mod. I still fondly remember the first map, it was a desert one and there were about 20-40 pubbers as UK. The UK team pierced through the French lines and victory was assured and in the midst of all that chaotic melee the pubs managed to get a firing squad for a surrendered solider. Glorious and honourable for us and for that solider; that was probably my first and last time seeing an actual firing squad happen.
C´est la vie...
I think my most valuable moment in MM was three weeks ago, when I had my first battle as part of the cavalry of the 5th Brigade. In the second round, we lined up in front of the enemy cav (also lined up), about 200 yards away of the main battle. The officers charged and dueled one on one on horseback, and after our officer killed theirs, we charged them an masse, resulting in a chaotic moment of slashing all around us, riding into eachother and the enemy, and finally destroyed them all, with half of our group remaining.
That was truely amazing.
I will never forget my first time shooting the cannons during a NA Friday LB. I was found and recruited by the infamous Bauer, which was on a Tuesday, and within two days they decided to apply for artillery and have me shoot the cannons that Friday (Keep in mind I downloaded the mod two days before Tuesday, and barely knew anything about the mod). My expression was mostly (o.o), and then I found out I was up against Joshly (at the time a name i didn't know :p) and was told he is the best cannon shooter in the game (at least on NA side). My expression kinda turned into this: (O.O).

Sure enough, Friday comes around and we are on Trenches getting ready. With all the pressure I was pretty nervous but way more excited. Then, all of a sudden the game was on. The first map was a Desert Map (Large), and this map was particularly large and particularly laggy. Our spawn was right next to a huge sand hill on the left, and we had a great view of the map. Once it was live, we set up and was ready to fire. I take my first shot, as a range check, and my range was low (not having much of an idea on the actual distance across this huge map, it was difficult to measure how high I had to aim). Once I actually got the range right, it would usually take the cannonball around 5 - 7 seconds to actually reach the destination after firing. At around my third or fourth shot was the most memorable incident in this mod:

I see a nice and pretty line, moving about Joshly's cannons, and they decide to move to the right flank, passing through the sandy hills between the two factions. They take a stop at one of the hills and start firing on our ally lines. Bauer calls out to me in TS, "Line on our right, see it?". I respond with a simple "Got it". I turn the cannon toward the line and line up the distance, taking careful aim and enduring patience while Bauer attempts to rush me into firing before the line moves. Once my shot is lined up, I wait a second before firing. I hold my breath and fire the cannon. After I fire, the TS is completely silent. Me and my guys watch as the cannonball leaves the barrel, and Bauer keeps stating "Looks good, it is looking good". Every second was full of tension and built up pressure, and 4 seconds later, I hear a familiar smack as 5 enemies are taken down in my first hit of the LB. With that, the TS lights up, everyone is cheering, and the specific emotions that I had are almost indescribable (But i will try to describe it anyway).

Basically with me holding my breath for those 5 seconds, I was tense, focused, and extremely nervous (in fact, I just recalled myself shivering uncontrollably the whole time, the pressure was unnerving). Once I got that shot, it just released, I started to laugh hysterically and it felt as if my heart exploded with love and joy. Most of my body was tingling and I lost all the pressure that I previously had.

And from that point, I just kept making shot after shot, racking up a score of 23 - 1 on my first LB ever, and my first time shooting cannons during an LB. That is one of the most memorable moments of my time in MM, and with Smithy and the guys, there are countless others.
Playing it for the first time in summer 2010, when it was in a very early stage and there were usually only 2-4 people on the server.  :razz:
For some reason I always remember this charge :3


And this little bauty on Offical battle, only played 4 rounds as well : :???:

This was, I didn't even do that good, yet I had more then enough of a laugh when I saw the video afterward...
It was beautiful
One day while leading the NA pubs on a random Friday. Led them up a hill on our extreme left flank and was soon caught in a 1v2 situation with the enemy forming up below us as I took the high ground. Formed them up in to a line and gave the order to fire the first volley. Nearly took an entire line out with the first blast. Gave the fire-at-will command. Seemed like every shot met it's mark as I wandered back and forth shouting words of encouragement to my boys in teamspeak. Ended up utterly destroying both regiments while still having a manageable line left over of my own. There is no greater feeling than destroying with pubs and watching chat light up in surprise and fill with praise for my underrated lads.
Most memorable moments hmm.... I can't really come up with the most memorable but there were some awesome moments. Sadly i'm not so good at remembering stuff haha. I do remember that once in an 84e LB I commanded a line outflanking the 54e and slaughter their line from the side with one volley. I was so happy :grin:
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