Most Anticipated Bannerlord Mods?

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What mods are you looking forward to/hoping for in Bannerlord the most? I know the game isn't even out yet, but I think most of us expect a large active modding community to migrate from the still active Warband community. So what are people hoping for?

A full warband conversion mod? Play in the Calradia we all know so well!
Prophesy of Pendor or Perisno?
Your favorite TV show or book series? Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings?

I'll be honest as excited as I am to play bannerlord native, I will be super excited to return to Pendor in Bannerlord. Joining the Rangers of the Clarion call will be a whole new experience with the new combat AI, and the Noldor will be even more powerful than before. Facing down unique troops and knightly orders in siege battles with actual working mechanics will be amazing. I wonder what quests the knightly orders will give in the new system?
The mine. one to make it more immersive; Add a lot of new missions to the NPCs, little by little until they appear to be infinite, many that develop within a city, now there will be codes to grab things like bullets and that can be used in missions, there will also be enemies within the city as we were shown and can be used for missions of that style ... Eliminate all the options of the cities and leave only the one to enter, leave and besiege, all the rest must be done entering.
For me the most important mods are Game of Thrones (A Clash of Kings) just this time with better graphics, characters who have a more familar look, and ofc better quests(btw they were not that bad in ACOK compared to M&B native).
The second one would be a great Star Wars SP mod, I can't wait to see some Lightsaber fights in a BL Look.

Solid & Shade , Light and Darkness , The epic of Faya
These mods are really amazing!
Hey thanks mate, I didn't know the Light and Darkness Mod before, it looks really promising.
I am super keen on the Warband conversion mod I KNOW will be made, but of everything I really want to see Kingdom or Arda and a Warhammer fantasy mod.
AxiumSA4 A Warhammer fantasy mod would actually be crazy cool, and Mount and Blade would do the atmosphere so well with all the warfare.
Little thing I always want but never really got in a warband mod, A HOUSE. Not tied to a faction, not a castle or outpost.... a house where I can store my stuff, maybe have some kind of enterprise or farm or maybe build it up into a village + fort someday , but to start with just a little place of my own.

I think Bannerlord going top have a lot more going on early with towns and fiefs that might scratch that itch, but if not I'll be looking for a mod that can add a little place to call home.
AnandaShanti In prophecy of Pendor there are actually 2 outposts that you can get that don't get raided or taken over. Both of them are kind of a pain to get but you can get craftsmen etc to stay there as well that can do some neat stuff for you. I also think they both have a chest for storage (can't remimber)

I am sure there other mods I have played over the years that have houses/outposts I think one had a full story mode attached to it.
In Novas Aetas you can have your own farm, build your own castle and start a colony in the new world, as well as by properties in cities that come with chests for your stuff.

Right now I'm mostly excited about mods that make native deeper, but as the total conversions begin to roll in, I'd love to see one a about the period the game is set in. Say, Norman Sicily, Italy, the Byzantine Empire and Seljuk Turkey in the times of Alexios I.
Sad to say it but Persistent World, can't wait for old friends from years ago to play Bannerlord and get absolutely destroyed by a bunch of kids and then for all of us to rage quit lmao
A 1000AD (1257 Style) and Prophesy of Pendor are my hopes. Kingdom of Arda would bei great too, I'm yet to see a mod that stands up to my expectations for an adaptation of Tolkien's world.
For me, the mod i can't wait for is game of thrones and possibly a medieval style mod which features europe at the same timeline as Medieval 2 total War. Or even a mod that Makes castles have multiple layers of walls. Let's say you breached the Wall and your opponent have no choice but to fall back to The castle.. What if instead, your next battle is not inside the keep but it Will be attacking another layer of Wall like many medieval castles had.

I realize this will get annoying real fast, to keep fighting 3-4 battles just for one castle. And you would lose a lot of troops. But this is what castles used to be.. Overpowered, that is why castles were built in the first place. I am not suggesting every castle has 3 layers of walls. But perhaps very strategical Ones only, maybe on the border to a nearby faction.

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