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Apparently, lady sounds are hard to come by in this forum!

I've compiled a sound pack featuring lady combat sounds and I'd like you to use it any any way you see fit!

No credit is necessary, but it would be nice to see what mods are using this sound pack.

Do it up, gang:

To use this commercially you will have to investigate the CC license applicable:
mortal said:
Royalty free sound, all under the creative commons/public domain license. I swear I didn't steal these sounds from Panpiper or Rejenorst.
Other uses may be considered OSP.


Royalty free sound, all under the creative commons/public domain license. I swear I didn't steal these sounds from Panpiper or Rejenorst.


I'd like to share something I found out while adding these sounds to a mod. The reason stereo files sound like crap (regardless of the bitrate) is because the m&b engine only deals with one channel. You're basically listening to the engine trying to combine the modified channel with the original, which sounds like someone being constipated.

The solution, of course, is to convert the files to mono! There's a bunch of free software available for this purpose but I've found that foobar2000 can do it in the least number of steps. Simply right click, convert, and remember to check off downmix to mono in the processing menu.


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Could you perhaps do something that examples the voice. That way I'll understand what it sounds like and if its good to have. Thanks!


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That sounds like something children below 18 are not allowed to listen or see xD
(It sounds cool)


NicoleUK said:
I know this is an old topic but i really want to use this but really not sure how to install it?

A revised file is included in the download for recompilation of the module system. If you don't want to use the module system you could try editing your module's sounds.txt file. For Native Warband edit sounds.txt and replace:

woman_hit_2.ogg 112
woman_hit_3.ogg 112
woman_hit_b_2.ogg 112
woman_hit_b_4.ogg 112
woman_hit_b_6.ogg 112
woman_hit_b_7.ogg 112
woman_hit_b_8.ogg 112
woman_hit_b_11.ogg 112
woman_hit_b_14.ogg 112
woman_hit_b_16.ogg 112
woman_fall_1.ogg 2464
woman_hit_b_5.ogg 2464


woman_hit_1.wav 112
woman_hit_2.wav 112
woman_hit_3.wav 112
woman_hit_4.wav 112
woman_hit_5.wav 112
woman_hit_6.wav 112
woman_hit_7.wav 112
woman_hit_8.wav 112
woman_hit_9.wav 112
woman_hit_10.wav 112
woman_die_1.wav 2464
woman_die_2.wav 2464

and copy all the wav files into the module's sounds folder. It won't use all the files as Native is only coded to use 10 hit sounds and 2 death sounds. To use them all, you'd need to edit the module system or know what you're doing with txt edits.


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Yeah, the link is dead, but I think I found the file here -
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