Morrigan Quest Incomplete "Notes on Eriu".


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I feel I have complete the entire/whole Morrigan quest but I still have 'Notes on Eriu' whenever I open the quest window.

I recall;
  • Investigating the beast raiding a village
  • Being ambushed by Morrigan and her berserkers.
  • Located her hideout.
  • Entering her hideout and killing all her berserkers.
  • I spared her life and she joined my party.
  • I got revenge for her family or something.
  • We 'fell in love'
  • (forgot)
  • She left the party.

Skipping hours of play-time ahead and I still have this in my notes;

Is there more to the quest? Is there somewhere I need to go or something I need to do? If so, just point in the right direction please.


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You're finished with it, that's just there as a history of what you did during the quest line.


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Muninn said:
Still a quest, mate.
if you want to start a existential discussion about what is a quest, then maybe  :mrgreen:

I said it is not a quest because it is not... a quest, as in, it has no goals, no end, it is just a report on the progress of other quests (with a start, goal and end). So to me the word chronicle is a better definition for it.

You may have a different definition of what makes a quest a quest, and that is fine.


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Oh, right. Thanks.

my ocd kicks in when i see incomplete quests there, it began to annoy me :twisted: