More variety in troop trees?

More advanced and complex troop trees?

  • No, they're fine.

  • Maybe, but no need for it anytime soon.

  • Yes, more variety is needed.

  • Yes, a lot more variety is needed, it has to look like the linked image***

  • Not even worth considering at this stage.

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I think before we add a tonne of new troop types TW need to sort out some of the stats and troop trees for certain factions.

Sturgia need a complete overhaul as they're under powered atm. I don't have any Sturgian troops as I find them poorly equipped and weak compared to other faction troops of the same tier..

Some of the troop stats are plain broken, e.g. infantry with low athletics and high riding skill. Javelin troops with high bow skill and low throwing skill etc...

Fixing that has to be the priority when looking at troops IMO...the rest can wait until what we have is working properly. I also think the modding community will add a lot of variety to the mix of available troops.


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If anything the current units should reorganized. Thinks like the Palatine guard have no place on the basic troop tree and the Sturgian troop tree is terrible. Before adding some wacky tabaccy two handed wielding horse archer, I'd rather they fix the current things.
Rather they keep it simple but balanced than bloated.