More Valuable Diplomacy Options That Are Sorely Lacking

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As the title suggests diplomacy options are sorely lacking in Bannerlord in particular on the macro level and are in need of a bit of a buff, the dichotomy of just war and peace does not function well and is far to black and white.

1. Free Trade Agreements: Basically protection of caravans/workshops from attack and seizure should the outbreak of war occur.

2. Non-Agression Pacts: Not much to explain here aside from preventing war between two factions for a period of time, would help in negating multiple front wars.

3. Formal Alliances: Pretty straight to the point here, kingdoms establish a alliance to aid the other should war occur.

4. Coercion to Conflict: One faction encouraging another faction lords to go to war with another faction. i.e. Sturgia convinces Vlandia lords to declare war on Aserai.

5. Protection Racket: A kingdom can promise not to engage in war with another kingdom as long as daily tribute is paid. Think early 1900's Chicago Mafia here.

6. Hiring of Foreign Mercenaries: To put it plainly hire out various lords and their retinue from your (or other) kingdoms to another kingdom to assist in wars for a fee, with the smaller percentile of said fee going direct to the lord being hired out and the kingdom getting the larger portion, essentially a macro scale version of sending companions to do npc quests (could be a kingdom decision and must be a opt in option for the player). Think Swiss Mercenaries in this context.

7. Establishing a Neutral Free Trade City/City State: Basically says it right in the name but for context, a lord can own and manage a singular city with the surrounding castles and villages, with all nations guaranteeing the independence and protection of said city from hostile conflict. The lord of said city would be forbidden from engaging in any wars with the other kingdoms however, looters/raiders and such would still be fair game as engaging them would be in the interest of free trade. The lord of the city would also get a cut of any trade revenue from caravans and such, with a bonus to prosperity gain. Think Gdańsk or Trieste in this context.

8. Negotiations for Predetermined Trade Routes: Effectively setting up caravan routes that travel between predetermined cities of two nations. (Could also be used for regular caravans for those who wish to exploit certain goods production areas. i.e fur from Sturgia to Aserai for dates back to Sturgia).
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