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There is currently only one tournament type in the game, which makes tournaments become boring really fast. I think more types of tournaments should be added to the
base game and here are 3 additional tournament types that would be really easy to implement:

- Team tournament: Exactly the same setup as the current tournament, but you need to select 1-3 teammate(s) from a menu like in keep battles and hideouts (could be only companions or family members or could be just any unit from your party), you fight 4 rounds, the party/team leader wins all the prize.

- 1v1 tournament: Exactly the same setup as the current tournament with 4 rounds, but all the brackets are just 1v1 duels (which can already happen, it should now be a separate tournament category)

- Free for all: Basically the regular arena fight but as a tournament with a leaderboard on the top left showing the person with the highest amount of KOs. Only 1 round with 32 participants, random weapons. You should be able to win even if you are taken out but have the highest amount of KOs. Since there is only 1 round and double the participants, the initial betting reward should be double of normal tournaments' first round betting reward.

We can also have some other tournament types as shown by Bloc, such as a marksmanship tournament where contestants shoot clay pots with bows/crossbows/throwing weapons like in the tutorial. Another possibility is a jousting tournament which is basically a 1v1 tournament but with horses, lances and a partition between contestants.
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