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More than 32 samples per sound - RGL Error

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Sergeant Knight at Arms
I'm trying to use some sounds created for the 1.011 version of mount and blade on warband, but when I try to launch the game it says this:

RGL Error
"More than 32 samples per sound"

I suppose that the new warband doesn't support wav files or something, there is a way to make those sounds from 1.011 compatable with Warband?


PD: I already looked at the sound.txt if it's more than 32 sounds assigned to a simple sound effect


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Nevermind, I forgot totally to change the number of definitions while adding more, my bad

Thanks anyway :razz:


Hello, could you explain how you did it, is that I did not understand that "changer the name of définitions tout en ajoutant plus" how is it done? sorry my anglais. thanks
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