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I think there should be several tree-changing upgrade-paths from a common recruit

Peasant and Recruit is a commer-tree on their own.

On the party-page after selecting a T1 regular recruit, there is currently a tab grid with only 1 tab. Instead one tab for each tree available(and maybe potential).

Only general merc- path is always open. IE all recruits(all cultures) can be turned into Watchmen.

EDIT: Add -> If the recruit shares your culture, they can be upgraded into the militia tree.

A low - level perk in Trade(30?) - tree opens cultural caravan-guards.

A semi-low perk in Rougery(60?) allows upgrading into associated bandit- tree

  • Imperial Recruits can go to any bandit-tree.
  • Looters and Thugs(do they still exist?!) can go to any bandit-tree
  • EDIT: Someting to stop the Recruit->Bandit->Noble is needed....
Only as a member of a faction associated with the recruit (Mercenary or vassal), you can upgrade into regular path.
I understund if this is too much for some players but it would greatly immerse me :smile:

If you have a high relation(>50?) with minor factions associated to recruits culture, you can upgrade into those paths.

An expensive way into the associated noble path would be nice too. But exactly how that should work and be flavoured, I don't know. Beeing Vassal or ruler too probably, and involve gold and influence. There might be other solutions to this.

It could end up with alot of tabs so it needs some default-values and UI (re)organsization to not be plottery, I guess.

This would give the game alot of flavour and immersion I think. Introduce the player to all unit-trees and give a flavourfull way to try out different play-styles without having to fight/capture troops you want to use! :smile:
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