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In my opinion I get not enough money from fiefs. I have to save my castles and I need troops in my party, but I can not pay them. I have to buy caravans and workshops for my income but its still very hard. Without this its impossiple. If I have an kingdom i can not pay the vassals and other things. Please give more money for fiefs. Thank you very much.
I feel like i get more money then i can spend from fiefs and i am not a hoarder, you need to budget better and never hold castles.
Castle don't get the same risk of rebellion like towns so you should give them to lords to protect the vicinity of your properties.

Don't over garrison your towns and forget about caravans for the time being, i at most run 2 caravans just to skill up my companions and to get trade rumors.

I think lords should get more money from castles and their towns, just a bit more to get them out of poverty and into average wealth. Lords with towns should be able to get rich wealth.
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