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The loot means only money. We rarely can use the items we find so it's boring, and means only a few extra clicks. There are many games with good loot systems where the players can actually enjoy looting and Bannerlord could use some mechanics to improve it. Even if the total value of the loot is the same, the quality could be better for certain pieces. By quality I mean valuable pieces. Less ragged boots and more mail. It would be cool to pull off the mail of the bandit boss we just cut down. Or we defeat armored troops but we get only some ragged boots and smithing hammers.
It's no surprize this terrible and unimaginative looting system turns people to cheats or the smithing exploit.

After our hero got his equipment, we could still use items to arm our companions. There would be at least a period when we check the loot list with interest in a campaign.

We should be able to get some memorable loot sometimes. Maybe when we personally kill enemy lords on the battlefield. Or just anytime when defeating lords. Or both. It can be memorable when we get the tier 6 sword of an enemy lord, or his armor, or his helmet worth 90k. It should be rare, maybe once in every 50 battles, multiplied by the looting from roguery. It's a single player game, it doesn't matter if we get that high tier item on level 5.
The metallurgy perk from the engineer would suit better to a looting skill. Most of the roguery perks are irrelevant, so any could be replaced with looting perks.
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