More honorific titles.

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The only title is the title of a king/queen, there is really nothing else, it changes depending on the faction but.. what about the royal family for example? or just lords.
Lords have different titles and each title has its rank in the kingdom, for example, Grand Duke will have more influence and power compared to a baron.
Another thing is the Royal family titles, children of the king should be considered prince/princess, and the wife/husband a king/queen. it's just weird they are considered "vassals" of the kingdom.
The devs should add more honorific titles to make it look more realistic and more interesting. since players will also be able to raise ranks in the kingdom and have more influence and power in the kingdom depending on the honorific title they have.


What is your thought here then? Just a nice prefix to the name or should it really make a difference?

Duke, Count and Baron sounds legit. Prince/princess as well.
But what is the brother of a count, in Aserai?
Or a cousin of a king?

It´s a lot of reseach and for the player it might be hard to understund them all if you are not familiar with the IRL cultures behind the factions:smile:
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